Friday, February 6, 2015

Aruba & Bonaire

The Liberty docked at Aruba around 1:00 pm and the gangway went out allowing the people to get out and go to their excursions or just walk around the the city.  This being the second time to Aruba and we had had an excursion before so we decided to stay on board. I did take a photo of what I thought was something interesting and that being the biggest and colorful building in the background. I found out later that it was the Casino in Aruba.. The domed  building was part of it.

Mary Lou & I decided to play some cards and while we were doing that an older woman dropped by and wanted to know what kind of game we were playing. In no time the three of us were playing crazy 8's for almost the entire afternoon. We found out that she was 83 years old and her husband was on an excursion and he was 86. WOW!

 After our card game, we walked around the ship. I wanted to take some photos and while we on the stern section of the ship I took this photo of Mary Lou. This section of the ship is an adult only.
 This is the same location except that the roof had been rolled over and closed because we had a little rain. 
 This is Bonaire. The port that Carnival changed in my itinerary. Those buildings only had two buildings opened and that was it. I thought I'd show a photo of where I wanted to go, Curacao.
Quite a difference I would say. Oh well, lets see more of Bonaire even though it's not that much.
                                                                Downtown Bonaire

                             This was the only thing that impressed me with Bonaire. As we walked down the street, every few feet you would see these birds in the sidewalk. I loved this idea.

                                          There is Mary Lou walking throw the Flea Market
 At least I was able to buy my photo booklet to place all of my pictures from the cruise. Good bye Bonaire. I will never be back.

That's it for today. Tomorrow is a sea day and after that will be Grand Turk. See ya then.

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  1. Some of the islands are not that great. I didn't like Nassau. I loved St. Thomas and Grand Turk. Oh well, one can stay on the ship and do just fine. A good book and a nap in the afternoon. Lovely.

    Have a fabulous day and thanks for sharing your cruise with me. ☺


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