Sunday, February 18, 2018

Costa Rica, Port Limon / Panama, Colon

Limon is a sea port and if you want to town you need to take a taxi. You really need to take an excursion but we didn't arrange for one because we already had three of them later. I was told that it wasn't safe to walk in the town so Mary Lou & I decided to stay and spend some time at the Solarium pool.

We spent the afternoon walking around the ship and later that night watched the musical show.

This is Colon, Panama. Here we arranged an excursion called " Eco - cruise on Gateau Lake ". First we sent to a bus on the dock and met this man Elmer.
Elmer lives in Panama City and comes down to Colon for these excursions.
Once on this tiny boat Elmer explained some interesting things. First was this growth on the tree. It was an ant home. He said that these ants weren't dangerous but the red ants would kill. As we were there we heard terrifying noises coming  from the trees. He informed us that they monkeys near us.
Elmer also informed us that the waters had crocodiles and we saw one sunning itself but because I was on the opposite side of the boat I was unable to take a photo the same thing happened to me when they saw some monkeys. They always went to the opposite of the boat showing special things and I was getting a little frustrated. Once I was able to take a photo of a turtle on a long.
and birds flying out of the trees.
Along the lake live some Indians whose lives are very simple. I was able to take two photos of the children playing along the waters edge.

This excursion disappointed me a great deal. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
Back on the ship I did take some photos of Colon. One crazy thing about Colon streets & road, they have no STOP signs nor red lights. Its a scary driving place. You noticed that many cars, trucks & buses have dents all over them because of the accidents.

Good bye Colon. I probably never come back unless I can go through the Panama Canal.

Our next port is Cartagena, Colombia. This port was an exciting one. I can't wait showing you Cartagena. See ya tomorrow.

Cruisin Paul


  1. Every time i hear that a port is not safe, you have to book an excursion, i think to myself that i'd just rather not go to those stops.

    Going through the Panama Canal would be fun.

  2. Don't be scared of arranging a cruise or excursion. If that's the idea I'd be sitting back in my chair & not living the many wonderful places and people that I've enjoyed. You must live Mimi.

  3. It can be very frustrating sitting on one side and not able to take photos nor see what is going on on the other side!


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