Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Very Special Woman, My Wife

Saturday will be a very special day. It will be my wife's 70th birthday. Ordinarily you might say, " Are you crazy Paul, telling people your wife's age "? I might be crazy, crazy in love with a woman doesn't even look 70. She goes to an exercise class every day of the week and if she looks as good as she does, it wouldn't matter if she was any age. 

She came from Sarnia, October from a family of 9 children. She knew what she wanted to be, a teacher and after becoming that teacher she got first job in Windsor.

One day a parent came in to see a teacher and wanted to be sent to see a teacher. Mary Lou saw her and brought her to that teacher. The mother said thank you feeling Mary Lou was a student. She was embarrassed after knowing that Mary Lou was a teacher. She's always looked young.

Mary Lou & I met going to Octoberfest. After seeing her I said, " I have to see that 
woman " and I did. After spending some time I asked for a date and that began our life.
After some time I asked her to marry me and she said yes. She was going to a vacation to the Bahamas.  One lady got sick and had to get out of the vacation. Mary Lou asked me to go knowing that she would be staying with a friend because we weren't married yet. I thought that was fantastic so I went.

That is me sleeping on the plane. Yes you can laugh, everyone else did because of my jacket.

After 5 months Mary Lou & I were married.

That is me in my graduation photo. Of course Mary Lou stood out that day.

As our life went on, we had a baby and later she was pregnant but then that's when our life came a turn. I had that stroke but Mary Lou was strong for all of us, especially me. 
 She had our third child and our life was great.

 That is Mary Lou, me & our son Michael when we had a family get together

 My dad loved Mary Lou. He told me that he know that she was a good one and informed me to make sure never let her go. She was a keeper. Mary Lou loved dad and always told him when she had to say to him. That's what he meant, she was a keeper.

After dad died and when I retired from teaching I wanted to go on a vacation. She said If I want to go, you arrive it & I'll go with you. I knew what that meant, she knew that I wouldn't couldn't complain and  yes we went on our first cruise.
And yes, she did enjoy the cruise. Each year we went on another cruise and each time she looked even better.
I'm going to show many of Mary Lou on our cruise.

On the Carnival Vista, they had this ride called the Skyride. You had a bike ride in the air goung around the ship. Mary Lou enjoyed all the things to do on the ship and the Skyride the best. She is on the Skyride.

Whiling she rode she could look out in to ocean.

Last year on the Celebrity Reflection we both enjoyed the cruise.
You noticed that she's sitting down. Not because she's lazy, that's me, but because she was outside doing many different things that the ship allowed her to do. 

I asked her to stand near this gigantic drink so that I could take a photo. Mary Lou doesn't even drink, well maybe a little bit.I laughed at that.
I wanted to have that photo to show that we look pretty good and and show that this year we would be married for 44 years. Not bad for a 70 year old woman. 

Now you know why I wasn't afraid, well maybe a little of saying what her age. People tell her that she looks in the 50's and me, well they say I'm in my 70's and I'm 68 years old. 

                                " SEE YA "

Cruisin Paul


  1. What a wonderful tribute to great lady and you were lucky to have her by your side through the best and worst times in your life. You can tell by the photos that she's a warm, loving person. You two look quite dashing in your formal attire.

    Happy Birthday, Mary Lou! I wish I had your commitment to exercise.

  2. Jean, before I wrote this post I did ask Mary Lou because I put down her age. She laughed and said that probably some guy would still her pictures and use them. That's why I just love that lady.

  3. How sweet! This reminds me of some of Sarge’s posts about me. Very nice job of honoring your lovely wife!

    1. Thank you Bee. I know that Charlie really cared about you even though I called him " what's his name. " Remember that night on that cruise on the Carnival Dream?

  4. Wishing your wonderful Mary Lou many happy returns of the day! She is beautiful, and it makes my heart sing to read about your commitment to each other.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Mimi. 44 years is long but not long enough. I hope to be with Mary Lou for ever and ever.

  5. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman! Thank you for sharing!

  6. What a nice post Pauleo I enjoyed that, Mary Lou does look good for her age and good that he is very active it does keep you young, I enjoyed all the photos too :-)

    A very Happy Birthday to Mary Lou I am sure you will make sure she has a wonderful day Pauleo.

    PS: That jacket though ;-)

    1. Steveo my friend, I knew that you would make a comment on the jacket. Ha,ha,ha. Believe it or not I use to be clown. See ya.

    2. LOL and your were spot on

      You used to be a clown really? what fun it would be interesting to know what you called yourself hope it wasn;t Coco LOL

  7. You have a wonderful wife, Paul! She doesn't look her age! Wishing you both many, many good, healthy years to come and also enjoy many more cruises together too!

  8. Happy birthday Mary Lou. Keep on cruising. You two make a great couple.


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