Thursday, February 22, 2018

At Sea / End Of The Cruise

Good afternoon everyone. I just came back having lunch with my cousins Dan & Tony. 
This is the final day, a sea day before we arrive in Port Everglade and Fort Lauderdale.
The above photo was one that I took as we approached Cartagena. 
Lets take a look at what we saw while we walking around the decks of the Celebrity Reflection.

Remember we were on the ship while the SuperBowl was on. You could tell. Look at these.
This was daughter's team. Sorry AmyLynn.
And the winner was the
During the game, they had many different large TV's going on. I saw the game in my cabin.

While walking around the ship we saw something that shocked us. My father gave me two large bottles of liquor, very large bottles and they each cost about $400. Look at this bottle in a wooden case. Check out the cost. I don't drink and thank goodness I don't. Look at the cost of this bottle & case.
Just to make sure that the cost was for real I took a photo just of the cost.
                               " REALLY "?

The Reflection did have a casino but not many people were playing the games.

Each night there was some form of entertainment, 3 large musical shows in the

Well the end is near. MaryLou decided to sit for the last time on our balcony.
After she began to pack our luggage, waiting to go for last dinner with Laura & Paul.
Our cruise was finished.

During the morning we took a taxi to the airport waiting for our flight.

Leaving Fort Lauderdale was sunny and warm but arriving into Metro airport was a different situation. A giant snow was now in motion and they had us circling around the airport for 30 minutes. Finally the runnways were cleaned enough to bring us down. It was quite an end of our cruise. 
Thank you watching & reading about our cruise. See ya for now. One last thing, on every cruise MaryLou & I on " Chic Night " take a serious photo. Here is that photo.

           " Cruisin Paul and MaryLou "

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cozumel, Mexico Cruise

Good morning friends. The Reflection has just docked in Cozumel, Mexico.
We are docked along " something of the Seas". Along us is another pier that was constructed by the Carnival Inc. Today docked there was the Carnival Valor, a ship we were on years ago.

We are now entering Cozumel.
From our balcony I noticed that they had large colored letters signifying the word Cozumel. I finally found it.
I had MaryLou in the center of the word Cozumel. I had her take a photo of me but some lady got into the photo. Oh well, I'm not that good looking anyway.
Well lets walk around Cozumel.

MaryLou found some friends while I was looking around. I was looking around for photo books but could find anything.
They did have an Indian show going on while we were there. Enjoy.
After this show we continued to walk around the area. We've been in Cozumel before. This section is new for us but one thing that never changes in the Caribbean is 
You know, I don't know where MaryLou finds these friends of hers but I keep taking photos of her & friends.

She informed me that she was thirsty so after finding a drink I wanted to show you guys what she was drinking.

You'll noticed that many of the photos don't show me at all. Well, finally this man felt sorry for me and asked me if I wanted him to take a photo. I said, yes,yes,yes. and here's me finally.
I was thirsty also.
It was time to go back to the ship because I couldn't find the photo books and that my feet were getting sore.
One last photo I took leaving Cozumel was 
Back to the ship.

That's it for today. Tomorrow is a sea day and to rest. See ya.

Cruisin Paul

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Georgetown, Cayman Islands Cruise

Good afternoon everyone. We are at Georgetown, Cayman Island. Unfortunately Georgetown doesn't have a pier therefore the ships have to shuttle the guests to the island.
The very first thing I noticed just before the bus took us to our excursion was this knowledgeable place.

 Once we began our excursion, our leader. Kent,began telling us he was taking us to see the turtles.  Our excursion didn't say anything about turtles. He called and was informed that they had mixed up the excursions, oops. Once things were clarified, he began our true excursion

Kent informed us that the cemetaries on the island  were near the edge of the water because inland was mostly rock. Next he told us about the old Homestead

Kent said he was going to pull over for us to take some photos and buy souvenirs if we wished. Here he also showed us where the change the sea water into drinking water for the island.
We didn't need any souvenirs but we did meet an old woman that made hats and purse by hand.

I aked her if it would be OK if I took a photo of her and she said why not and I did. She said it wouldn't cost to take her picture. Wow, finally an honest person.
Unfortunately I forgot her name. I did take a phot of Mary Lou in front of a cannon.

After everyone was back on the bus, Kent to us to HELL.

I laughed while I was taking this picture. Thi next photo is why they call this location Hell.

It looks like they say Hell would like
After leaving Hell, Kent took us to location that was being built with everything within it.

These buildings, water designs, everything were constructed by one family from Michigan. They are making condos on one side and business on the other side.
Back on the bus after the excursion and to the pier for the shuttle to the ship
Thanks Kent for an interesting day. Now back to the ship for lunch.

Tomorrow, Cozumel, Mexico. Fun and games.Hot, hot, hot. See ya tomorrow.

Cruisin Paul