Thursday, June 10, 2021

Good Thursday morning friends. Well they told us that it was suppose to rain 5 every day yet here is the 4th and no rain. So times I want rain and so times I don't. This place is just driving me nuts. I think I need a glass of wine.(I don't drink alcohol )


A Macaroni, a Penne and a Spaghetti were drinking wine in a bar one evening. They saw a noodle sitting by himself and discussed inviting him to join them.

They all agreed he looked Cannelloni.

EDIT; Thank you for all the awards, I guess I pasta test!

My brother sat down with my girlfriend and I. He said, "Pal, I've got a confession to make. Last night I had sex with your girlfriend. We went to a party, she was drinking beer, I was drinking wine. One thing led to another..."

I turned to my girlfriend, in shock. "Tell me he's lying."

She said, "He is, it wasn't beer it was cider."


n 80-year-old man went to the doctor for a general check-up.

The doctor was shocked to see his health,
'What is the secret of your good health ....?'

- 'I get up before the sun rises and go out for cycling and then come and drink two glasses of wine!
Maybe this is the secret of my health. '

Doctor - 'Okay, but can I ask you how old your father died ...?'

- 'My father died ...?
Who told you that he died.

Doctor (surprised): - 'You mean that you are 80 years old and your father is still alive ...?
So how old is he now ....? '

- 'He is 102 years old and cycling with me this morning and then took two glasses of wine'

Doctor - 'This is very good. This means that the long life is in your family's genes.
So how old was your grandfather when he died….?

--- 'Hey why are you killing my grandfather now ...?'

Doctor (puzzled) -
'You mean that you are 80 years old and your grandfather is still alive very much!
What is his age .....? '

--- 'Yes, he is 123 years old.'

--- 'I think he too must have cycled with you this morning and taken wine too .....?'

- *'Taking a cold breath!* No, Grandpa could not go this morning, because he is getting married today.

Doctor (on the verge of going mad) -
'What did you say? marriage .....? Why would he want to get married at the age of 123…?

--- 'Who said he wanted to get married ....?
He has to be forced.'

- 'But why' ........ Doctor shouted!

- 'Girl is pregnant, that's why!'

*The doctor has been cycling regularly and drinking wine ever since, The clinic is closed.*



Cruisin Paul



  1. These were good. I'm your wine friend so of course I enjoy these. What kind of Italian are you? You don't drink red wine? LOL

    1. When I was young before my stroke, I drank everything and wine was one of them. After, I had so many problems and having take many pills made it difficult partake of the enjoyment like beer & wine. Oh due I miss them Peg.

  2. Heeheehee! Yep, these are funny, thank you!

    1. I do things just for you Mimi. You are a good friend.

  3. Thank you, Paul for the jokes and laughs. I do drink a bit of wine every now and then.

  4. Good for you Nancy. My grandfather drank wine everyday and he died to the age of 95. See ya.

  5. Well at last summer has come to London Pauleo and it's uncomfortably hot and muggy we sposed to be getting rain and cooler weather by Thursday I will send you some heheh!

    I liked the jokes and I want that bed :-)

    Have a wettertastic day Pauleo 👍

    1. That's OK Steveo. I appreciate the rain but we've received a bunch the last two days. I wanted to know my friend, do you like red, white or pink wine?

  6. Hehehe. Somedays I feel like that too!

    1. To feel better Lydia, drink a glass of wine. You will feel better. See ya.


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