Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Good morning friends. I'm smiling today because yesterday my beautiful wife & I had our 47th wedding anniversary. Yes, she has stuck with me for so many years. I love her so much. 



You know the scene, balding dude in a convertible with a hot chick.

She peels off her top and says "Faster you go, the more i take off!"

She's down to her socks and he's doing 120 mph when they crash. Dazed and confused she finds the driver pinned in the car and goes for help, but all she can find to cover her bits is his shoe.

Stumbling out into the highway she manages to pull someone over "Help, my friend is stuck!" She screams. The guy looks down at the shoe and says 
 " Ma'am, he's too far in for me to help."


What do you call lice that lives in a bald man’s head?


A kid once asked his mother why his father was bald.

His mother replied, “Well, that’s cause your Dad thinks a lot!”

She smiled, pleased with the answer she had come up with.

The kid pondered this for a moment, then inquired, “Then why do you have so many hairs on your head?”



What does a balding magician have in his hat?


What do you call a bald man on a windy day?


Why are all the dead sinners bald?

Because they have hell toupee.


Bald man

Bald man marries a bald women
When they had a son, they named him Harry


 Cruisin Paul
                            Cozumel, Mexico


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Love the funnies, and bald certainly is beautiful

  2. Happy (belated) Anniversary to you both!! Congrats on 47 years.
    love to you both!

    1. Thank you Peg. I'm so lucky having Mary Lou in my life.

  3. hope you have a wonderful weekend with your lovely wife!

  4. Happy 47th wedding anniversary to you and your wife. Thanks for the bald jokes.

  5. A belated Happy Anniversary Pauleo I hope you had a tanfastical day and you spoilt each other rotton :-)

    LOL @ the jokes show off haha

    Have a restful Sunday Pauleo and don't do anything I would 👍


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