Thursday, October 21, 2021

It's Now Getting Cool: In The 50's.

Good afternoon good friends. I'm getting better after falling in my kitchen. Ouch, that floor is so hard.

We got a phone call this morning from Euro-Shed and it was just to let us know that on Nov. 1st, they will be arriving at my place to build my shed. I can't wait. 

October has been pretty warm but now it's going to be the regular fall weather.


If you ever feel lonely, watch a scary movie

Then you won't feel so lonely anymore.
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What's long, hard, and scary when you first see it?

Calculus homework.
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You know what’s scary?

That creepy psycho killer behind you
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What do ya call a scary movie about your zodiac sign?

A horrorscope


25% of all adult women are currently on medication for mental illness which is quite scary....

Because that means 75% are running around untreated.
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You know what’s scary about a white man in prison?

You know he actually committed the crime.
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Batman is so scary, even bullets are afraid to hit him.

That's why they aimed for his parents.
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Unlike Stephen King's stories, there is nothing scary about his son

He's been Joe King ever since he was born
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That "Born to Be Wild" song is actually pretty scary.

Especially the part where they find a head out on the highway.


A Scary Midnight Story

A taxi driver is going home at midnight when he decides to take a shortcut through a cemetery. He's driving slowly through the dark when he suddenly stops in shock. In front of his headlights is a lady in white hailing him down.

Before he has time to think, the woman climbs in and says in a low whisper, "I'm so glad you're here. Nobody ever goes by here anymore."

There's something really creepy about the lady, and the cabbie doesn't talk with her, just drives to the address she gives. He's so nervous and jittery that he starts swerving hard along the country roads.

Embarrassed that he's so scared, he turns around to apologize for his driving-- but the woman is gone.

Terrified, the cabbie floors it until his heart stops beating like a jackhammer, and he catches his breath at a stop sign.

Starting to think it was all a dream, he looks back to make sure no one is in his car. But he sees the woman in white again. This time, her eyes are dripping blood, and she starts to reach out to him with a pale hand.

This starts the cabbie again and he drives like a lunatic, not knowing what he's doing in his fright. He turns to see if the lady is close, and then hits the brakes-- she's gone again!

Shaking, he pulls a flask and takes a swig of whiskey to steady his nerves, when cold fingers touch his shoulder. He looks behind him and sees the woman's face completely covered with blood now, staring down at him behind a veil of disheveled black hair.

The cabbie panics and drives like a madman, his only instinct is to escape. When he finally calms down, he stops and looks behind him to see that the lady has disappeared again. But as soon as he turns back toward the road, he notices that the lady is now seated beside him in the front passenger seat, blood covering her from head to toe and dripping from her open mouth.

Crazed with fear now, the woman staring him down, the cabbie drives the final stretch to their destination like hell on wheels. When they get there, he collapses back into his seat, all the fight gone out of him.

The blood-covered lady leans over and whispers, in a creaking voice from the edge of the afterlife, saying,

"Hey, cabbie. You gotta fix that back door, I fell out and had to catch up to you three times.

Cruisin Paul




  1. Hooray for getting a new shed! Thanks so much for the funnies, i hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I'm excited for you. Can't wait to see the shed. Please take a photo and share it!

    1. I will take a photo of my new shed and when it's finished I will put it on my blog to show my good friends.

  3. Yeah! for the shed. I'm so happy for you! It's only 77 here today so it's getting cooler for us all. I just saw where they are saying in our area it will be a warmer than usual winter. I'm okay with that. :-)

    1. Ha,ha, Peg. It was 39 degrees this morning with rain. Yuck. LOL

  4. Looking forward to see your new shed. Happy Halloween.

  5. I am glad you are recovering from your fall Pauleo and your shed will be arriving soon 👍

    All these were funny especially the first one and the clown lmao :-)

    Have a halloweentastic week Pauleo I added you to my linky 👍

    1. Yes Steveo, I'm really looking forward for my shed.
      Do you do Halloween? I mean not you persay but have children coming to your door for goodies?


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