Saturday, October 16, 2021

October Surprise!

Good morning everyone. October is half over and It's still in the 70's. We haven't had to water the new lawn because God has helped us with the rain. Thank you God. It has saved us a lot of money. Euro - Shed people are coming on Nov. 1st  to build our new shed. I can't wait.

I fell the other day hard on my back. This was the first time since we arrived at our new home.This floor is so damn hard. Luckily I didn't hit my head but my back is killing me and my elbow was cut deeply. Didn't have to go to the doctor but should have. My neighbor said that I needed stitches but I didn't go. Oh well.



Why couldn't the man get his wife pregnant on October 31st?

Because he had a Hallow - weenie.


A man meets a Native American with flawless memory...

When he meets this Native American Chief he notices he is older than most.
He asks the Chief many questions, and the Chief replies flawlessly to each one.

Then he thinks of a random date and asks the Chief, "What did you eat on October 18, 1987?" The Chief replies "Eggs".

He leaves the Chief and goes home. A year later he meets the Chief again. Feeling respectful he approaches the Chief, and says "How" and the Chief says,  " Scambled ".



No Exit - Funny Hotel Story

Byron checks into a hotel for the first time in his life and goes up to his room. Five minutes later he calls the reception desk and says, 'You've given me a room with no exit. How do I get out?' The desk clerk says, 'Sir, that's absurd. Have you looked for the door?'  Byron replies, 'Well, there's one door that leads to the bathroom. There's a second door that goes into a cupboard. And there's a door I haven't tried, but it has a " DO NOT DISTURB " sign on it. "





Cruisin Paul



  1. I'm happy to hear your lawn is settling in and has rain. I read this morning that the SE US will have a warm dry winter due to el nino ( I think that's the name_ that warm wind that blows across the country) I'd like a warm winter - have a great week!

  2. I sure hope you are feeling a bit better after your fall Paul. And why do men not go to get stitches? You'd be making your wife go now wouldn't you? :-)

    1. Definitely Peg. I guess men are strong and stupid.LOL

  3. Happy Fall, Y'all! Santa needs to stay away for a bit. Go buy your gifts and hide them and pull them out in December to wrap.

    Whipped cream on his head, that was funny.

    Good luck with the shed, and please take care of yourself. If your back keeps hurting, get to a doctor.

  4. I hope you are feeling better now. Getting the stitches will hasten the healing. Good timing for the rain to water your lawn.

    1. Thank Nancy. I'm feeling better after my fall.

  5. Oh no I hope you are now getting over your fall Pauleo I had one too in my kitchen last month on 10th it was awful

    The older I get time seems to go even quicker lol @ the jokes and Halloween is on it's way the day we yurn our clocks back in UK :-)

    Have a mid Octobertastic week 👍

    1. I knew there was a thing that you and I agreed on,,,,,,,,,falling. I hope you'll feeling better my friend.

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