Saturday, March 4, 2023

Good morning my friends. My granddaughter is hurting today because a very close friend passed away. His name was Len St. Louis. He first met her as her bus driver but as time went on they became very good & close friends. Len would never miss her birthday or a horse show. He was there on her grade 8 graduation day. Emily hoped to have him there when she graduated from high school. Unfortunately that will never happen.Here is a photo of Len & Emily.





 My name is Paul meaning Playful


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Cruisin Paul



  1. I'm sorry Emily lost her friend Len, but it is wonderful to have the memories of that friendship.

  2. Thank you Carol. I will tell her that you sent me that comment. Yes, there will be many memories with Le for her.

  3. That is so sad my best wishes to Emily after her loss it's always sad losing such a kind and good friend.:-(

    Have a tanfabulosa St Patricks Day Pauleo 👍

  4. Thank you my friend. I will tell Emily that you sent me your wonderful comment. I'm sure she'll be happy that a friend of her grandfather's was so nice.


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