Monday, November 30, 2020

Dec. 1 2020 Will Come Tomorrow Tuesday

Finally, I had time to make my blog in my new home. I do have some photos, not all of them but I thought I'd better show my new place. The garage is cleaned enough to put my Camero in it. You will also see some new furniture in the new room. Here it is my friends.

As I said earlier, this home is half my other home which was 3100 sq. ft. but as said before there is no more stairs except for going to the basement which I will show earlier. There is my new chair. Oh how great it is. Yesterday I fell asleep in it.

This is our new sectional and as you noticed that the dining area is right next to the TV room.

 This is the new fireplace, not as large as the old one but I really like the stone.

This is the dining area and the kitchen.


                             The Kitchen


  We have 3 washrooms. This is the one that house one, The other two are the ensuite one for us and the third one is the one for basement which is for my daughter. We had the builder complete the basement because our daughter is with us.


Well that's the first installment. I'll complete the second  one and the third one won't be done until Spring. They didn't have the time to complete the driveway, lawn, sidewalk, and my pad for my shed. The patio pad has been done but you see that in Spring.


Cruisin Paul


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Wednesday Evening Cold

Good Evening Friends. We are still taking all the things that are in boxes. I can't believe that we have so much that we brought over from the old home. I thought we got rid of a lot. 

Well, we are in our new home. We had a wild storm the other day. I had a river between the two homes. There are many problems that we have to get rid of before I'm satisfied. Myself and my neighbors have been asking the builders to get our lot lines plotted and these guys are not doing it. Before I get my shed, I need a cement base and the guy won't do it until he knows exactly where the lot line is. Life goes on.


I had hoped to show you some pictures of my home but this place is in a mess. Forgive me. It may take a few days.




Cruisin Paul


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Wednesday Evening Tired

Good evening everyone. I don't want to discuss about moving and my new home. I think I'm boring you wonderful people with all about leaving to a new home . Later I'll show you about this wonderful change but for now the below.




Cruisin Paul

The ship I should be going in January but due to the virus, our cruise was cancelled. Oh well.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Well my friends, my wife, daughter and I have fully moved into our new home. Our area is called Meadowview Estates and street is called Ironside. This a picture of what our home looks like. There are two homes in one. One on the left and one on the right. My new home is on the left. This roughly what it looks like.

   this one is mine   /  my neighbors home

Once all the materials  are put into position, I plan on showwing all of you what the inside is like. Yesterday they put the cement into place for my patio.

We're exhausted but happy. This morning after a shower, I went out of my bedroom and I didn't need to have any difficulties warking down the stairs, THERE WERE NO STAIRS. Hooray!

Soon I'll write a blog of our challenges of moving and showing you my new home. See ya.

Cruisin Paul