Sunday, June 26, 2022

Good morning my friends. I need a respect from everything. Two falls, feeling sick, feeling exhausted, feeling down, & some problems with my computer so I'm taking a break from the computer and I mean everything for a week. I'm not going to put my fingers in the keyboard for a week. I'll be back on my computer on Saturday. I'm just tired of everything. I need a break from everything. See you then my friends.


Thursday, June 23, 2022

Good morning everyone. Last night my wife & I went to our grandson's graduation at the Villanova's auditorium. It was a wonderful evening. Here are a couple fantastic photos.

 This my grandson, Cole. He's changed into a handsome guy, hasn't he?

                                 Here's Cole with us.

                      Cole receiving his dipolma.


                               Man, is it hot today.

After so long in Hell being just too hot......

The inhabitants decided to steal a/c units from Heaven and intall them,making the place a little more comfortable. When the inhabitants of Heaven learned what had been done, they lashed out in outrage. " How dare you! We'll sue you!" they cried.

To which Hell's residents replied. " You can try, sure, but where are you guys gonna find a lawyer?"  


 What does garlic do when it gets too hot?

It takes its cloves off







Sunday, June 19, 2022

This week is Summer

Hello friends. I'm feeling very well except the fact that I'm HOT. Summer begins on Tuesday and we've had temps over 95 degree's  and indexes over 105. It seems that it's going to be over 90 for many days. Today is Father's Day and I'm very happy that my daughter Nicole & family had a Father's Day dinner made for all the fathers. They gave me two MacDonald's card for $25 each. I love their coffee. My other daughter AmyLynn gave me a fantastic red shorts and they fit. My son, well, I miss him a great deal but that's another story.

Last week my friend Ron got together and made Jambalaya. I;d never made it before but it was good and hot.



John, a wealthy 60 year old man, shows up at the country club one day with his new wife, a smoking hot 22 year old blonde.

His buddies are amazed. "There is no way someone that young and attractive would agree to marry an old geezer like you. How did you pull it off?"

"It's simple," John says, "I lied to her about my age."

"Did you tell her you were 50?" his friends ask. John shakes his head no.

"There is no way she could believe you were 40". John shakes his head again.

"So how old did you tell her you were exactly??"

John smiles and says "85".


A guy sits down in a diner and asks for a bowl of hot chili...

The waitress says, "Sorry, but the guy next to you got the last bowl".

He looks over and sees that the guy's finished his meal, but the bowl of chili is still full. He asks, "Are you going to eat that chili?"

The other guy says, "No. Help yourself".

He slides the bowl of chili over and starts to eat. When he gets about half way down, his spoon hits something. He looks down sees a dead mouse and immediately pukes all the chili back into the bowl.

The other guy says, "Yeah, that's about as far as I got, too".


Dear Women,When a guy calls you hot,he's looking at your body,When a guy calls you pretty,he's looking at your face, When a guy calls you Beautiful,he's looking at your heart

All 3 guys still want to screw you,though




Cruisin Paul

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Well my friends, I had a very interesting week. I had accident on Thursday. I was walking over to see my friend Ron and my walker's wheel stuck on my foot and I flew in the air and landed on my shoulder, back and my head hit the street. I had a big bump. I felt OK but on Friday I had a severe pain in my head and they had to take me by ambulance to the hospital. After having my head, shoulder and back with these machines, the doctor said I was OK but I felt like I was in a car accident. I still feel a little woosy but I'll live.

My granddaughter went to her first prom. Wow she is beautiful. This photo is her and her date What do you think of the two of them?

She has grown up quickly. I remember her a baby.


A man was having an affair with a married woman.

The man had a romantic evening at her place and were about to have sex. Suddenly there is a knock at the door.

The woman tells the man “My husband is here. Collect your clothes and get out from the window.”

The man did not have time to get dressed and he is naked outside on the road and there is a light drizzle of rain.

At the meantime, there is a marathon going and it passes by the man. The man also starts running with those guys.

A runner beside him asks “Do you always run naked?”

Man replies “Yeah. I feel comfortable this way.”

Runner “Do you always wear a condom?”

Man “No. Only when its raining.”



My son asks me " Why is it raining? Is the sky sad?"

and I replied, " Yes son, the sky is pretty blue." 


An Englishman, and Irishman, and a Scotsman are drinking beer in a cabin.

An Englishman, and Irishman, and a Scotsman are drinking beer in a cabin. The Irishman says "Excuse me a second," and steps outside for a few minutes. When he comes back in, he's drenched from head to toe.
The Englishman asks, "Is it raining outside?"
The Irishman says, "No, it's windy."


Cruisin Paul


Sunday, June 5, 2022

June Isn't As Hot As It Use To Be.

Good Sunday morning everyone. I'm not sure what to write or do so I decided to discuss about summer & Maxine. She always knows what to say just like this.

 Did you ever feel that way when it was so hot outside?

How about this one.

 Maxine is straight forward invividual. She says it like it is.

I noticed yesterday that hurricane season has began and one started on Mexico, killed a couple and destroyed many homes. As far as Maxine's concerned this was her idea.

 How's this one from Maxine.

  And this is Maxine's last one for our enjoyment.

 Have a great Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until I come back with crazy ideas. See ya!


I wonder what Maxine would feel about this one? 

I remember going to this place and it was crazy but really not to hot.


Cruisin Paul