Sunday, June 5, 2022

June Isn't As Hot As It Use To Be.

Good Sunday morning everyone. I'm not sure what to write or do so I decided to discuss about summer & Maxine. She always knows what to say just like this.

 Did you ever feel that way when it was so hot outside?

How about this one.

 Maxine is straight forward invividual. She says it like it is.

I noticed yesterday that hurricane season has began and one started on Mexico, killed a couple and destroyed many homes. As far as Maxine's concerned this was her idea.

 How's this one from Maxine.

  And this is Maxine's last one for our enjoyment.

 Have a great Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until I come back with crazy ideas. See ya!


I wonder what Maxine would feel about this one? 

I remember going to this place and it was crazy but really not to hot.


Cruisin Paul



  1. It's summer here, no doubt. Thanks for the laughs, Maxine is so funny!

    1. Hi there Mimi. Yes Summer is here. My AC is on.

  2. LOL Maxine is funny :-)

    Well we do have a blueish sky here today but it rarely lasts arrgh!

    Have a warmtastic week Pauleo 👍

  3. Up in Michigan is a little town named Hell. Occasionally when we used to go for a Sunday drive, my brother-in-law would ask "want to go to Hell?" My sisters and I would say "yes let's go to hell!" Great memories!


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