Thursday, July 13, 2017

Rainy, Wet Thursday

Good Thursday morning every one. Well today is a very special day. Today is my wife's and mine 43 rd Anniversary. I never thought that we would ever reach this day especially in 1977 having my stroke and my family being told that I was never death. So, with some tears in my eyes this morning, I'm so proud that we ere able to reach this special day.  
                Paul & MaryLou Pietrangelo
                                    43 years

                 ( By the way, this isn't me )

Have long marriages

Some people ask the secret of Anthony's long marriage.

They take time to go to a restaurant two times a week: a little candlelight dinner, soft music, and a slow walk home.

The Mrs. goes Tuesdays; He goes Fridays.


A little boy was attending his first wedding. After the service, his cousin asked him, "How many women can a man marry?" "Sixteen," the boy responded. His cousin was amazed that he had an answer so quickly. "How do you know that?" "Easy," the little boy said. "All you have to do is add it up, like the Bishop said: 4 better, 4 worse, 4 richer, 4 poorer"


Jacob, age 92, and Rebecca, age 89, are all excited about their decision to get married. They go for a stroll to discuss the wedding and on the way they pass a drugstore. Jacob suggests they go in. Jacob addresses the man behind the counter:
'Are you the owner?' The pharmacist answers yes.
Says Jacob: 'We're about to get married. Do you sell heart medication?'
Pharmacist: 'Of course we do.'
Jacob: 'How about medicine for circulation?'
Pharmacist: 'All kinds.'
Jacob: 'Medicine for rheumatism, scoliosis? '
Pharmacist: 'Definitely.'
Jacob: 'How about Viagra?'
Pharmacist: 'Of course.'
Jacob: 'Medicine for memory problems, arthritis, jaundice?'
Pharmacist: 'Yes, a large variety. The works.'
Jacob: 'What about vitamins, sleeping pills, Geritol, antidotes for Parkinson's disease?'
Pharmacist: 'Absolutely.'
Jacob: 'You sell wheelchairs and walkers?'
Pharmacist: 'All speeds and sizes.'
Jacob says to the pharmacist: 'We'd like to register here for our wedding gifts, please.' 


This elderly lady went to the doctor for a check-up. Everything checked out fine. The old lady pulled the doctor to the side and said, ”Doctor, I haven’t had sex for years now and I was wondering how I can increase my husband’s sex drive.” The doctor smiled and said, ”Have you tried to give him Viagra?” The lady frowned. ”Doctor, I can’t even get him to take aspirin when he has a headache,” she claimed. ”Well,” the doctor continued, ”Let me suggest something. Crush the Viagra into a powder. When you are giving him coffee, stir it into the coffee and serve it. He won’t notice a thing.” The old lady was delighted. She left the doctor’s office quickly. Weeks later the old lady returned. She was frowning and the doctor asked her what was wrong. She shook her head. ”How did it go?” the doctor asked. ”Terrible, doctor, terrible.” ”Did it not work?” ”Yes,” the old lady said, ”It worked. I did as you said and he got up and ripped his clothes off right then and there and we made mad love on the table. It was the best sex that I’d had in 25 years.” ”Then what is the problem, ma’am?” ”Well,” she said. ”I can’t ever show my face in McDonald’s again.


One day Jane met Tarzan in the jungle. She was very attracted to him and, during her questions about his life, she asked him how he managed for sex. "What's that?" he asked. She explained to him what sex was, and he said, "Oh,Tarzan use hole in trunk of tree."
Horrified, she said, "Tarzan you have that all wrong! I will show you how to do it properly." She took off her clothes, lay down on the ground, and spread her legs wide. "Here," she said, pointing, "You must put it in here."
Tarzan removed his loincloth, stepped closer and then gave her an almighty kick in the crotch. Jane rolled around in agony. Eventually she managed to gasp, "Why the hell did you do that?"

"Tarzan check for bees!"



Well that's it for today. My wife and I will be going out for a special dinner and then back home. After that we are going up to bed and after 43 years, what do you think we are going to do? You're correct, we're going to sleep. Enjoy your day my friends. 

                                 " SEE YA "

                           " Cruisin Paul "


  1. ♪♪Happy Anniversary to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Anniversary to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Anniversary Dear Paul and Mary Lou, ♪♪
    ♪♪Happy Anniversary to you.♪♪

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sandee.

    2. You're welcome, Paul. I hope you both had a wonderful anniversary. ☺

  2. Wow, you made it one more year than my husband and I did. Time goes so fast, doesn't it. Happy Anniversary to you and Mary Lou. Enjoy your special evening out.

    1. Thank you Jean. I worry all the time but I have to realize that life is life. We have to enjoy what we have at the time. I'm enjoying the time with MaryLou.

  3. Happy anniversary. Enjoy your special dinner. May you have many more.

    1. Thank you Rhonda. We really our dinner together tonight.

  4. Happy Anniversary! May these jokes always remain just jokes to you!

  5. A very Happy Anniversary I hope you both had a nice day together you deserve it :-)

    PS: You have a great sense of humour, Oh and try to stop worrying Pauleo :-(

  6. Thank you my friend. I know, I know I shouldn't worry but I guess that's the way I am. After having the stroke, I worry tht it might happen again. Oh well.

    1. I can understand that Pauleo

      I poped by to see if your OK as I haven't seen you about for a while hope all is good :-)

  7. Happy 43rd anniversary to you and Mary Lou! May you both have many more happy anniversaries to come. You both look great in the photo. Thank you for all the funny jokes.

  8. I linked this post to Silly Sunday.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ☺


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