Thursday, February 6, 2020

Snowy Thursday

Good morning friends. Guess what? I'm sick, really sick. I've had to cancel a lunch date with Dan my cousin and tomorrows breakfast date with Gerry my golf friend and especially this dinner tonight with my wife and daughter to Riccardos. I was OK last night but this morning, YUK. Every time I get back from a cruise, I get sick. It must be the hot weather in the Carribean and the come back to Amherstburg in the cold . YUK.

Lets get back to my Caribbean cruise.
Early breakfast in the Oceanview Cafe

 This is where we sat to have breakfast just about everyday. 

After breakfast, MaryLou & I went to my place on the ship. 

  There are two places in this area. One is The Studio where there have paintings and the other is The Porch, another eatery that is on the ship. I would sit here facing the ocean, watching people during their running and just sit there and rest. Facing me everyday was this, other then MaryLou.

Most days we would go for lunch on the Oceanview Cafe but one day MaryLou went and got us hamburgers and fries on the

Since this is our third cruise on the Reflection, there isn't much that I haven't shown before so I'll try not to bore you with much about the ship.

We have two days on the sea. MaryLou and I walked around the ship. One day they were teaching the rhumba
Some were learning while others were just laughing

 After two days on the ocean we have arrived in Cartegena, Colombia. Since we have been there before and had an excursion, we decided to stay on board this time. The only photos I took were of the skyline of Cartegena and these photos that I took were in the pool area. I didn't know that the windows were tinted therefore the photos are of blue. Sorry about that.

 The Reflection docked where they move large boxes onto ships and off of ships.  It was like machines moving boxes of MAERSK. That's all you saw.

 I have photos from the last time we were at Cartegena. I'll show a couple of them that I didn't show the last time. I kind of feel bad that I can't show you Cartegena this time. I hope you don't feel cheated.

Picture while walking in Old City in Cartegena.



 Well that's all for today. The next time we'll be at Aruba and Curacao.

Cruisin Paul


  1. One can easily fall sick after a vacation. I usually try to drink plenty of water and have enough sick to stay strong and healthy.

    1. I've accepted the fact of being sick because I really enjoyed my cruise Nancy.

    2. Sorry, I meant to type "enough sleep", not "enough sick". Hope you are feeling better by now. Take care.

  2. Sorry to hear your sick Pauleo after such a lovely cruise I am totally jealous (not of your sickness but your cruise)

    Loved all the photos was a nice tour looks lovely on there and those lovely views :-)

    Hope you feel better soon and you can start meeting up with people again oh and thanks for singing to me that was very thoughtful LOL

  3. Looks like a fun cruise Paul. I have a photo of that statue “La Gordita” in Cartagena. Yes, I think the change in climates definitely plays into getting sick after a cruise.

    1. Well Rhonda, I'm really sick. LOL Yes, I can laugh at it now after having a wonderful cruise.

  4. The temperature change, and the fact that you got exposed to so many new people at once, could have a lot to do with your getting ill when you get back. No matter the cause, i hope you are over it soon.

    If you were happy staying on board during the time in Cartagena, then i am perfectly happy seeing photos of where you were sitting and watching and resting, because it means you were having a good time just letting yourself be!

    1. I did. Mary LOu & I at in my place on the 15 deck listening to my music, & listening to my stories and just resting. I loved just resting. THanks Mimi.


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