Saturday, September 19, 2020

Late Saturday Night

Good evening friends. I just finished 8 hours of watching the US Open Golf. I love golf even though I haven't been able to play the damn game for two years.

Here's how I feel about the game.

 We are continuing moving materials out of our home. My wife has done a great job selling much of our large materials. Tonight she sold a bread maker. I used it once and made bread but after that it was put on the shelf so it was sold tonight.



3 madmen walked on railroad tracks.

One of them says " damn, it feels like this staircase never ends. "

The other answers : Yeah, and the railing is so low! I can hardly reach it."

Then the third points with his finger and says : stop crying. Look, the elevator is coming." 




A dog is sitting beside a railroad track.

He's wagging his tail as a train rushing past and the train cuts off the tip of his tail. Mad and in pain, he turns to snap at the train and the train cuts his head off.

The moral of the story is...... Don't lose your head over a little piece of tail. 








Cruisin Paul



  1. Thank you for the funnies, my fellow crazy, and i am praying all is going well as you prepare to move.

    1. Thank you Mimi and friends are normal crazy thats why I love them.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the golf i had a weeknd of Darts i lurrrve it

    It will all son be over Pauleo ;-)

    I liked the laughs Pauleo those railway workers nee firing LOL

    Have a safetastic week I have added you to my linkypop :-)

    1. I've never really played darts but I did enjoy doing them. I never understood the game but I could through them Steveo.

  3. It must feel good to get rid of all those things you don't use. I could do with a bit of that.

    1. Rhonda, it's amazing the amount that you have until you move. During 31 years of living, you accumulate a lot of material but now we can breathe a little.

  4. One good thing about moving is that we are forced to sell off the things we do not need anymore. Good that you are enjoying your golf game now.


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