Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Snow Is Coming.

Well, well. I'm finally back to write again. On Sunday we went to watched Cole play hockey. Hi team was great. They won 7 - 1 and Cole had a goal and an assist.He had many chances to score. He also got hurt. One of teammates hit his knew and my heart stopped for a minute but he was helped off the ice. A few  miutes later he was back on the ice skating fast down the ice. Whoosh, he's OK.

Last night our neighbors Ron & Judy  came and we all played euchre. This week is AmyLynn's birthday. She'll be 38 years old. We are suppose to get a lot of snow on Wednesday, her birthday. 


 Snow isn't a problem in the Middle east.

........ but ISIS


Sex is like snow;

you never  will know how many inches you're going to get or how long it will last. 



My 10 year old son made this one up. 

Why doesn't a snowman wear pants?

Because his snow balls are too big. 


A 75 year old man with all white hair is dating a 22 year old girl. His girlfriend is pregnant. After the birth he asks the nurse “well nurse, how did I do?” The nurse replied “you did great she had twins.” The old man responded “ A little snow on the roof and I still got a fire in the furnace”

To This the nurse replied “ Well you may want to clean the filters because those babies are black”




Cruisin Paul




Saturday, January 14, 2023

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates.

Well it's Saturday and it's still cold, dreary & wet. Will the sun ever come out again. I need the bright sun. Good morning good friends. I received a phone call the other night from one of my good friends. He wanted to inform us that his wife just had a stroke and wasn't do very well. It really upset me a great deal because it brought things back to me again. I asked him if he needs anything just call me, I'll be there. This just brought things to life. Life is like a box of chocolates said Forrest Gump. What is life really all about. Love one another day after day. You'll never know when life comes to an end.


 The best years of my life were spent in the arms of another man's wife......

Thanks you for everything MOM! 


5 advices to men for a happy life

1. You should find a woman that help you with the cleaning and the chores.

2. You should  find a woman that is a good cook.

3. You should find a woman that you can trust and share your feelings with.

4. You should find a woman that enjoys making love to you 

                          and last but least

5. and most important thing is that these 4 women should never meet.



 The three unwritten rules of life is







Cruisin Paul




Saturday, January 7, 2023

January Blues.

Good morning friends. Yes, the new year has begun and a week has finished. You know, I wonder what is ahead for us? Next week I go for another massage with Mary Ann. Every time I've finished with my massage, I feel so great. This week my friend Ron plans on calling us to come over to play euchre. Next weekend we plan to watch Cole play hockey again.Other then that, we'll see what's ahead of us.


 How many Seconds are in a year?


Jan. 2ns, Feb 2nd, Mar. 2nd, April 2nd, May 2nd, June 2nd, July 2nd, Aug. 2nd, Sept. 2nd, Oct. 2nd, Nov. 2nd & Dec. 2nd.


A father and his teenage son is walking through the pharmacy.

As they walk past the condom rack, the son notices they come in different packs. A pack of 3, a pack of 6, and a pack of 12.

"Dad, why are condoms sold in packs like that? Like, what's the 3-pack for?"

"Well Son, the different packs are for different men. The 3-pack is for college boys. One for Friday, one for Saturday and one for Sunday."

"I see, what about the 6-pack?"

"That one is for young   bachelors. Twice on a Friday, twice on a Saturday, and twice on a Sunday."

The boy's eyes widened as he asked, "And what about the 12-pack?"
" The 12 pack is for  married men. One for January, one for February, one for March and for one for each of the rest of the months.  "

                                 True Love

The Amish

An Amish woman and her 18 year old daughter were riding in an open buggy one cold
blustery January day. The daughter said to the mother, "My hands are
freezing cold." The mother replied, " Put your hands between your legs"
the body heat will warm them up." So the daughter did and her hands warmed up.

The next day the daughter was riding in the buggy with her boyfriend.
The boyfriend said,  My hands are freezing cold." The daughter said,
 Put them between my legs, they'll warm up." Next day the boyfriend is
driving in the buggy with the daughter. He said, My nose is freezing cold." The daughter said " Put it between my legs it will warm up."
He did and his nose warmed up. The next day the boyfriend is driving
again with the daughter and he said, " My penis is frozen solid. "

The next day, the daughter is driving in the buggy with her mother and
she says to her mother," Have you ever heard of a penis?" Mother says
"Sure why do you ask?" The daughter says," Well, they just make one hell of a mess when they thaw out!






Cruisin Paul



Monday, January 2, 2023

He Shoots, He Scores.

Happy New Year 2023 to everyone. Yesterday my family spent our time cleaning up and putting away all the Christmas ornaments and the tree. My it was so boring around here.

During the holidays my wife & I spent some time in the arenas around here watching our grandson Cole playing in the Hospice Tournament. He played in 5 games. They entered the championship final game but unfortunately they didn't win it but Cole, to me was the MVP of the 5 games. He played in 5 games and had 7 goals, one goal a game and in one game had a hat trick ( 3 goals ) All the boys in the chanpionship game were given a trophy and the winning team received a cup.I was so proud of Cole. He has improved so much in hockey from last year. Here are a few photos of the Cole in that tournament.


 Here is Cole with his coach after team was given their trophys.  His parents and both grandparents were at the games and as you can see, we all were very proud of this exciting hockey player.


Now to begin 2023. We have to plan on having a great year.We have to. 


 Youth is when you're allowed to stay up for New Year's. Middle age is when you're forced to and when you're a child who wants to stay up but are made to go to sleep.


What happened to the man who stole a calendar?

He got 12 months




 A drunk wakes up in jail on New Years Eve and asks the first officer he sees, 

" Why am I here?"

The cop replies, " For drinking."

" Great !" slurs the drunk " When do we start?"


Cruisin Paul