Friday, February 24, 2023

February is Marching On.

Good evening everyone. It's still very cold around here and we've had some ice the lat few days. THe other night the power went off and when I got out of bed in the morning it was very cold. The power eventually went on and the I was able to get a shower. I didn't want to have a cold  shower. This weekend I hope to see Cole play hockey but I have to wait until my daughter calls us for the time. Last night my wife & I  went to the Houle's home to play cards and have a great time.



1. How do snowmen read their texts?

With an icy stare.

2. What kind of ball doesn’t bounce?

A snowball.

3. What bites but doesn’t have teeth?


4. What do you get when you mix a snowman with a vampire?


5. What do you call a penguin in the Sahara Desert?


6. What do you call a snowman in August?

A puddle.

7. Where do snowmen love to dance?

At a snowball.

8. What do you call a slow skier?

A slope-poke!

9. What do snowmen eat for lunch?


10. What do snowmen win at the Olympics?

Cold medals!







Cruisin Paul


Saturday, February 18, 2023

I Want March To Be Here.

Good morning my friends. I've been feeling lousy lately and I think it's because the eye drops. I've been feeling so exhausted since the eye specialist gave this stuff and his office called me to change my date with him, I told her about my exhaustion. She called back and said he wants me to stop the drops until I see him next month. Well, we'll see.

Today I'm going to watch Cole play hockey. Maybe that will open my eyes.





Cruisin Paul


Tuesday, February 7, 2023

It's Warming Up!

Good evening everyone whoever decided to see this blog. I only had one friend comment on my last blog. Last Sunday we went to watch my grandson play hockey. It didn't take long to to no longer watch him because he cross checked a player and the ref through him out of the game.No more Cole. His team still won because this talented player ( Cole's friend ) scored 4 goals and they won the game.


                         and last but not least






Cruisin Paul

                                      St. Maarten

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

February 1st

 Well what do you know? It's February. January went so fast. Hello my friends. Life is going on so fast. This morning I had a pedicure with Cristina and now my feet feels so soft and relaxed. I feel like I'm always feeling like I want to go to sleep. This medication for my eyes  does that and I won't be seeing my eye specialist until the end of the month. 




February is ending today, but that's okay.

We'll March on.
 Not really, we just started Feb.

Women are happier in February

A social media researcher walks into a bar and orders a beer. "Have you ever noticed that women complain less in the month of February?" he asks the bartender. "Really?" the bartender asks. "I hadn't noticed. Is it because of Valentine's Day?" "No," the researcher replies. "Near as we can tell we've determined it's because February only has 28 days."



My dad hasn't spoken to me since February

Sure, death could explain it, but I always thought if you really loved someone, you'd find a way.

I love February because it contains two of my favorite annual events

Groundhog Day, and the State of the Union Address.

One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to a notoriously unreliable mammal for prognostication with no basis in reality. The other involves a groundhog.


Which month do men jerk off the least?

February. Because it’s the shortest


Cruisin Paul