Monday, May 29, 2023

Good afternoon friends. Summer has entered our lovely time. This week will have between 80's & near 90's. Thank God, it's about time. In two weeks I go have my eyes lasered in Sarnia. I'm waiting. 

In a more serious time, my friend Peg's husband Rick had a stroke. Please let us all pray for him and Peg. I know what it's like so prayers for the both of them.


  What's the secret to having a smoking hot body as a senior?



I used to know a couple who grew fruit trees together. 

They lived to a ripe old age.







Cruisin Paul

Friday, May 12, 2023

Hi there everyone. I think I mentioned that I'll be going back to Sarnia to have both my eyes lasered. Now my eye specialist's called and they have set me up in Sept. to have cataract surgery on my right eyed. Suddenly my eyes are causing me problems. Man, if it's not one thing, it's another. Next week we go to Ana's in Leamington to get my flowers. This place has the best in combinations if different flowers. 

                                So Beautiful.


Ah, the modern days.....

I just saw a grandpa help a youngster who was staring into his cell phone, to cross their street.


Three old guys are out walking. The first one says, " Windy isn't it ?"

The second one says, " No. it's Thursday! "

The third one says to the other two, " So am I. Let's go and get some beer. "


This where I'm at myself especially at night.

   Where can single men over the age of 70 find younger women who are interested in the,?

   Try a bookstore under the section" Fiction " 







Cruisin Paul


Monday, May 1, 2023

Good morning my friends. Well we had a great times watching Cole play hockey again. It's great seeing him playing a game he loves. His team won again, score was 5 to 4 and Cole scored another goal. He's something else skating down the ice and then.......... he shoots and scores.






Cruisin Paul