Sunday, March 10, 2024

Hi eveyone. I'm back after some time. I've been spending some time with the nurse practitioner. My doctor has gone on vacation for two weeks. Every time I call he's on vacation. I need a new doctor.  

She checked my foot. I was double the size of the other one. I had blood tests & urine tests       ( twice ) .She found I had a sickness in my urine, gave me pills and I'm feeling much better. She sent me to have ultra sound to check if I had a blood clot in my right leg. Everything is Ok but I havehigh cholesterol. Now I have to go and get some of those crazy socks. I just thick that my stroke is now checking on me after 47 years. Oh well, I'll do what she wants me to do.



  What's the secret to having a smoking hot body as a senior?

                         " Cremation "


Old age makes us great multitaskers. 

Why, I can sneeze and pee at the same time!




Now that I've gotten older, everything's finally starting to click for me.

" My knees, my back, my neck........... 


Where can single men over 65 find younger women who are interested in them.

In the bookstore under, " Fiction ". 







 Cruisin Paul