Friday, December 18, 2015

Cold Friday

Good morning friends. I must be slowing down or just lazy. Maybe you can help me with a small problem. On my screen everyday I get these small screens that pop up such as Auto Ajust, Theatre Mode, Scenery Mode and few more . I have no idea where they come from and every time I try to get the mouse to go to them it goes right behind them. I can't seem to get rid of them and they are bothering me. If you've had this problem?



A couple in their nineties are both having problems remembering things.
They decide to go to the doctor for a checkup. The doctor tells them that they're physically okay, but they might want to start writing things down to help them remember.
Later that night while watching TV, the old man gets up from his chair.
His wife asks, "Where are you going?"
"To the kitchen," he replies.
"Will you get me a bowl of ice cream?"
"Don't you think you should write it down so you can remember it?" she asks.
"No, I can remember it."
"Well, I'd like some strawberries on top, too. You'd better write it down, because you know you'll forget it."
He says, "I can remember that! You want a bowl of ice cream with strawberries."
"I'd also like whipped cream. I'm certain you'll forget that, so you'd better write it down!" she retorts.
Irritated, he says, "I don't need to write it down, I can remember it! Leave me alone! Ice cream with strawberries and whipped cream -- I got it, for goodness sake!" Then he grumbles into the kitchen.
After about 20 minutes the old man returns from the kitchen and hands his wife a plate of bacon and eggs.
She stares at the plate for a moment and says... "Where's my toast?



Statement: "I'm a Romantic."
True Meaning: "I'm poor."
Statement: "You're the only girl I've ever cared about."
True Meaning: "You are the only girl who hasn't rejected me."

Statement: "I really want to get to know you better."
True Meaning: "So I can tell my friends about it."

Statement: "She's kinda cute."
True Meaning: "I wouldn't kick her out of bed but a pillow over the
head might be necessary."

Statement: "I don't know if I like her."
True Meaning: "She won't sleep with me."

Statement: "Was it good for you?"
True Meaning: "I'm insecure about my manhood."

Statement: "I had a wonderful time last night."
True Meaning: "Who are you?"

Statement: "Do you love me?"
True Meaning: "I've done something stupid and you might find out."


That's it for today my friends. I have to go right now and visit another friend, the bathroom. Ha,ha,ha.


 " SEE YA "


  1. These are all great, Paul, and I especially love the alligator! :)

  2. I don't have a clue what's going on with your weird settings. I've never had this happen to me.

    Loved all the jokes. Where's my toast.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺

  3. Those popups are annoying. Wish I could help you. Bugger.

    Carnival Sunshine tomorrow. Can't wait!

    Big hugs, honey...

  4. The corners around here must be defective! Thanks for the guy talk translations.

  5. Sorry Paul, I am not able to help you with the pop ups on your screen. I like the alligator in the vest and where's my toast. Lol! Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Hi Paul it sounds like you have a programme starting up which you need to disable from starting, check down by the notifications area bottom right on the taskbar and see what icons you have there hover over them to see, also when did it start was it after an update of any software?

    Have a tanfastic weekend Paul and sorry I am late getting here :-)

  7. Those are all great, I tried to pick a favourite but could not.


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