Wednesday, January 15, 2020

It's So Sunny This Morning Wednesday

Good morning friends. This will be my last blog until I return from my cruise. I'm afraid that I probably bored you with my cruise blogs. Sorry about that and after I'm back, the only cruise blog will be showing you about where I've been. Being excited is the where I am. I only cruise once a year but cruising is really me. I guess, if I could live on a cruise ship, I probably would but my wife would divorce me. LOL
I'll let you know how things went on the cruise when I get home. Bon Voyage.


Daniel fancied himself quite a ladies man, so when his cruise ship went down in a storm and he found himself stranded on a desert island with six women.

Daniel threw himself into the arrangement with gusto, working even on his day off, but as the weeks stretched into months, he found himself looking forward to that day of rest more and more eagerly.

One afternoon he was sitting on the beach and wishing for some more men to share his duties when he caught sight of a man waving from a life raft that was bobbing on the waves. Daniel swam out, pulled the raft to shore, and did a little jig of happiness.

“You can’t believe how happy I am to see you,” he cried.

The new fellow eyed him up and down and cooed, “You’re a sight for sore eyes, too, you gorgeous thing!”

" Crap, " sighed Daniel " there goes my Sundays. "  

A ginger, brunette and a blonde are stranded on an island when they find a lamp.

A Genie appears and offers to grant them each 1 wish.

The ginger wishes for a fully manned cruise ship to appear and sail herself off the island.

The brunette wishes for a piloted private jet to appear and flys herself off the island.

And the blonde feeling lonely since her friends were gone now says to the genie, " you know I wish my friends were all back here  because I miss them. "

Why should you never start a conversation about the Titanic ?

Because that cruise ship is no Ice - breaker.

the latest trend

I hear the latest trend is to install trampolines on cruise ships -  Apparently everyone's jumping on board.
                                 See Ya Friends
Cruisin Paul


  1. ENJOY!! We'll miss you and look for all the fun pics upon your return. Bon Voyage.

  2. Enjoy your cruise Paul. I'll be interested to see what you did on the cruise.

    1. It probably won't be as great as yours but it'll still be fantastic for me. See ya. See ya when I get back.

  3. Have a great cruise. It's cold, windy and it's going to rain here. 😎

    1. Thank you Sandee. I appreciate your comment. See you when I get home.

  4. Feeling happy for you, Paul! Enjoy your cruise vacation and looking forward to your return and your cruise posts. Never bored with your cruise posts.

    1. I'm so happy that you've enjoyed my cruise posts. Can't wait to show you where I've been Nancy.See ya.

  5. Have a cruisetastic time Pauleo and don't forget to send me a wave ....get it send me a wave :-)

    I will be looking forward to your photos :-)

    The funnies were good too :-)

    1. Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ah. A wave. I'll send you a wave Steveo. I'll see you when I get back my friend.

      Cruisin Paul

    2. I got your wave Pauleo thank you I hope your enjoying yourselves :-)

      Keep waving lol :-)


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