Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sunday Night

Good evening friends. It's been a while. I only have 2 months to go so it's going crazy nuts around this house. I'm laughing but I'm now having a wild time. I use to have a very neat & wonderful home but as of now, it's just cluttered. LOL


 Now a laugh.

A Bride and Groom just married are on their honeymoon...

the first night getting ready to consummate the marriage the bride starts to undo her new husbands clothes.

She starts by taking of his shoes and socks. To her surprise, she sees that his toes all mangled and gnarly, and asks 'Good heavens what is wrong with your toes?!'

The Groom explains, 'Well, when I was 3 I came down with Toe-lio which left them this way.'

Content with this answer the Bride continues to undress him and takes off his pants. Again shocked when she see's his knees bent and crooked. "What is wrong with your knees?!"

"well", the Groom replies "When I was 6 I contracted the Kneesles and was cursed with these bad knees".

The Bride loves her husband very much and looks past it. She continues on and removes his briefs. Unfazed this time, "Let me guess, Small Cox?"

Nightie night!!

A young woman was preparing for her wedding. She asked her mother to go out and buy a nice long black negligee and carefully place it in her suitcase so it would not wrinkle. Well, Mom forgot until the last minute. So she dashed out and could only find a short pink nightie. She bought it and threw it into the suitcase.

After the wedding the bride and groom enter their hotel room. The groom was a little self-conscious so he asked his new bride to change in the bathroom and promise not to peek while he got ready for bed.

While she was in the bathroom, the bride opened her suitcase and saw the negligee her mother had thrown in there. She exclaimed, "Oh no! It's short, pink, and wrinkled!"

Then her groom cried out, "I told you not to peek!"





Cruisin Paul



  1. It's always a mess, getting ready to move. That's okay, you are going together and that's the important part, the mess will go away, the love goes along with you.

    1. I'm so glad about the love because my wife & I have had a few battles since we decided to move, but yes, we still love one another.

  2. Moving is such a pain. Your old home may be cluttered now but just think of how clear your new home will be.

    1. Thank goodness that our new home will look clear because right now it's a mess. LOL

  3. I remember the mess before and after moving. It took several weeks on each end to pack and then unpack. You'll get though it and life will be good again. The best part...NO STAIRS.

    Love the funnies.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Paul. 😎

    1. I totally agree with you Sandee. I went to visit a friend who has the same home that I'm getting and I saw easy will be when I get up in the morning. Out my bedroom into my living room and 5 steps into my kitchen for breakfast. NO STEPS Horray.

  4. I bet you can't wait for it to be over and done with and completely uncluttered Pauleo.

    Like you said above one bonus is no steps I hate steps I live in a flat so I am glad we have a lift.

    I liked all the funnies Pauleo LOL

    Have a clutteredtastic safe week 😷😷😷

    1. Two months and a day to go Steveo and then no more steps. I hope I get there. I almost fell down the stairs the other night. It's getting harder to walk up those dam steps.See ya my friend.

  5. Just tell yourself that the clutter is only temporary. Once you moved into your new house and unpacked, you will be able to sit back and enjoy the beautiful house.

    1. " you will be able to sit back and enjoy the beautiful house ". Yes Nancy, that I will be doing. Thanks.


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