Sunday, March 13, 2022

Wow! Good evening everyone. It was so crazy today. When I walked out of my bedroom and opened my windows ( 9:00 am ) it was a little blizzard. Yes, it was snowing heavily.  Now  at 6:20 pm all the snow is gone and the temperature is around 45 degrees. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Today Mary Lou & I put up 9 - 10 inch art pieces  that  she did. By the time we put them together on the wall, It was beautiful.

 Later during the day she made 2 loaves of homemade bread. She quite a woman.



 A few days ago I was tooling along through the neighborhood on my my wheelchair when I noticed a young boy sitting on the retaining wall in front of his house crying as if his heart was breaking.

I pulled alongside the youngster and asked, " Son, what's the matter? Why are you crying?

" I'm crying cause I can't do what my 20 year old brother does," he said.

Oh my God, I sat there and cried with him.


A grandma & grandpa are going out for their daily health walk and grandma can't decide. " I don't know, Joe, should I wear my bra do you think?"

" Yeah, Rosie, you better, it's quite muddy out side." 




Ah, the modern days. I just saw a grandpa help a youngster who was staring into his phone to cross the street.  


I was begging God to give me a hot body.

Great. Now I’m enjoying the hot flashes of menopause.







Cruisin Paul





  1. Winter and spring are sparring, don't worry, spring will win eventually. Meanwhile, air conditioning season has been delayed a bit and that's a good thing.

    Thanks for the funnies!

    1. yes, you're right but it was just crazy yesterday.

  2. The weather here is crazy too. Hot sun and thunderstorm happening in one day. Thanks for the funnies. Preparing to grow old gracefully.

  3. You really have crazy weather. Ours is a little strange too. The last 2 weeks were in the 70's for a high and one day had low 80's. Saturday the temperature kept dropping all day until the low was about 40. Sunday afternoon hi was in the 60's. A cool low last night in the 50's and expected high today of 79 F. It just can't make up its mind.

  4. The weather in London has been a bit milder and just rain as usual lol :-)

    Nice paintings looks very modern on the wall 👍

    I liked the funies too taxi for me too LOL

    Have a blizzardlesstastic week 👍

    1. Thanks Steveo, To taxi for me, Ha,ha,ha. Well it look like Spring is here.

  5. The art is fabulous!Mary Lou is very talented!
    Enjoy that bread. Mmmm...

  6. Hey Peg, you made Mary Lou blush when you said very talented. The bread is very good.


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