Friday, May 6, 2022

My Poem About Love.

Good morning my friends. After the long blog about my  wonderful dad, I think it's about love, care and maybe sex.

When I was grade 13 my English teacher Mrs, Squire, a fantastic teacher wanted us to write a poem. Now for us boys, it had to be difficult. She  said we would be marked. Well, I did it and I did receive a " A ". Here it is.

                               Girl In Love


Her eyes the look of love possessed,

         A twinkling so divine.

The silence which she now requests,

         Of that feeling deep inside.

Within her mind two lovers meet,

           A kiss, so sweet as wine.

One tear does tell the love that beats,

            In her heart so pure, so fine.

Her head upon the pillow shines,

            Of love this night has made.

She wakes, a smile across her mind,

            This dream will never fade.


                               Husband & Wife


                     I Must Be Getting Old.



                                 Getting Old.




Cruisin Paul




  1. A wonderful poem, and thanks again for the funnies.

  2. It's so a sweet and lovely poem. I'm really impressed. Happy Mother's Day to your wife!

    1. Mary Lou says thank you and she had a great Mother's Day.

  3. What a nice poem Pauleo I will have to call you Pauleo the poet heheh!

    I liked the funnies as always, hope your doing OK Pauleo summer is on it's way so have a tanfastictastic day (That rhymed)

    1. Nice rhyming couplet Steveo. I guess you're poet also. Have a great day my friend.


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