Saturday, April 30, 2022

LIfe & Death Of A Great Man,

This is the last section of my blog of my dad, Francesco ( Frank ) Pietrangelo.

He and my mother travelled a great deal as they got older. They spent time in the Caribbean.

Eventually they settled on spot in Sarasota, Florida. My dad enjoyed the water, breese & sun of Sarasota. He decided on buying a condo, the 4th floor right over the pool. Soon he sent us to visit them. He made sure that we enjoyed the time on our vacations with him.


 He loved being with his grandchildren. Here he was with AmyLynn ,Mary Lou & him at the pool. Later he took his grandson Michael fishing.

 He made sure that we all enjoyed our time in Sarasota with the family.

 His life in Sarasota was very enjoyable because he was with his family.

He hoped to spend his retirement during the winter time in Sarasota 


 but my mother missed the time with the grandchildren. Frank finally sold his condo and stayed at home in the winter.

Soon Frank & Susie reached their 50th wedding anniversary. The three of us, Paul, Tom & Dianne decided on having a special party for our parents.

We arranged to have a stretch limo to pick our parents up to go to the party.

Once they were at the party, each one of us had a something special thing  to give to them. The grandchildren came up to present a gift to their grandparents.

First was Nicole who had a book about them.


 Next was Michael who was the artist in the family. He gave them a painting of their home.

 Next was AmyLynn who gave them a surprise.

and last was Scott who was the singer in the family. Scott sang a song he created for them.

 I did have something for my parents and especially  a comment to my dad to thank him for being there for me at the hospital everyday  while I was sick, injured with the stroke. Finally I saw my dad, Frank cry. 

 Finally the photo for the 50th anniversary couple.

 Life went on as usual but then Christmas came and dad wanted all of us at the table. We enjoyed a great dinner that my mother had given us. Dad stood up and wanted us to pay close attention. He had something serious to tell us. This worried all of us. He then informed us that he had 

" cancer." For a year dad fought the sickness.

Nicole sat with him on the couch and you could tell he wasn't doing well. My mother made sure that dad was taken care of but dad wasn't going to get better. Eventually we lost dad.

I received a phone call late one night informing us that Dad had passed away. Our strong man was now gone. His funeral took place and after there was a dinner where many friends & relatives talked about Frank. There were many smiles there. 


                    R.I.P Frank, our Dad

Dad, Francesco, Frank had a wonderful life. I miss dad but I smile every time  thinking about him.

        This was Franceco ( Frank ) Pietrangelo





Cruisin Paul



  1. What a nice tribute! Your father sounds like he was a great man.

  2. What a great life he had and gave you all!! This was a nice tribute Paul to a larger than life man. Thank you for sharing him with us.

    1. I'm so happy that you enjoyed my tribute to my dad. I've always wanted to do something this. Thank you Peg for enjoying the life of my dad.

  3. This is just so heart warming to read about Frank's life and family. You were truly blessed to have him as a father.

    1. Yes we were blessed and I wish I could have been just like him.

  4. That was a very nice post and tribute to your loving dad and family Pauleo I liked all the photos too,

    Have a nice week Pauleo 👍

    1. Thank you Steveo. It has been good for me to write this blog about my dad. It's been 22 years since he past and we still miss him a great deal.


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