Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Massage & A Sunny Day.

Good evening friends. It was a very nice day. I went an had a massage then went and got some allergy pills and finally got some coffees for the two of us and some little donuts. I needed something sweet. I received my new shirt, from my former high school. After this year it will be no longer. They are building new one and they wanted to have new name. Crazy people.


 I used to hate when I accidentally ate seeds.

But recently, they've been growing on me. 


About 1,375 olives are pressed in order to make 1 litre of olive oil, 8,435 sunflower seeds to make a litre of sunflower oil.........

Don't even get me started on baby oil. 


 Do you know how hard preparing a field for seeds is?

It's a " harrowing " experience. 



Discovering too late that a watermelon spiked with vodka had accidentally been served to a luncheon meeting of local ministers…..

the restaurant's owner waited nervously for the clerics' reaction.

"Quick, man," he whispered to the waiter, "what did they say?"

"Nothing," replied the waiter, "They were all too busy slipping the seeds into their pockets."



                              These are real trees. I didn't make this up.


                                              I love this friendship.


Cruisin Paul



  1. He's in publishing, heeheehee! Thanks for the smiles, i hope spring is springing up for you soon.

    1. Well Mimi, it's raining this morning not snowing. I'm happy about that. See ya.

  2. I love massages - I haven't had one in a long time. Think I need to make an appointment. Glad you had a good day!

    1. I get one every month. It makes my entire body feel better.

  3. Glad you had and enjoyed the massage. I don't go for massage because either I will feel ticklish or it will be too painful for me. I know I am a weird one. Lol!

    1. Oh no you aren't Nancy. Well maybe a little bit. LOL

  4. I hope the massage refreshed you into a new man Pauleo lol

    LOL @ the funnies and those trees haha!

    Have a massagetastic week Pauleo I have added you as usual 👍


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