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Francesco ( Frank ) Pietrangelo Oct.13, 1923 - Mar. 18, 2000

Good morning everyone. Yesterday we had 2.5 inches of snow. Can you believe it. Yes snow. Oh well.

I'm going to do my blog about a special man that was in my life. My dad, Francesco ( Frank ) Pietrangelo.

You will know often notice his smile.

Francesco as a child came from Roccamorice, a small town situated on the northwestern slopes of the mountain chain known as the Maiella . There were roughly 2000 inhabitants  in Roccamorice when Francesco was born. He lived with his father, Antonio, mother, Maria and brothers Agostino and Rocco who was born in Abbateggio. Francesco lived in a town which was always lacking with any great natural resources, whether industrial, commercial or agricultural. The only development in the area was asphalt quarry, this small town in the Province of Pescara, in the Region of Abruzzo.



In 1923 Francesco's father Antonio sailed to Canada and eventually in 1935 he brought his family into Canada settling in Montreal. In 1940 the family settled in Amherstburg . Francesco had two brothers, Alberto & Donato but both children died due to sickness.

After settling in Amherstburg both my grandfather Antonio and my dad Francesco both worked a bakery called Marra's Bakery. Believe it or not I even worked at this bakery when I was young. It situated on the corner of Ramsay & Murray streets. 

Eventually Francesco started working at a chemical plant called " Brunner Mond ". This would be the place where Frank began his main work and eventually made his most & best work. Brunner Mond quarry Frank spent a great deal of his life starting with small quarry and finishing with his most important work was at General Chemical Quarry on Howard Ave.

From shovel worker at Brunner Mond Quarry to the

the main  man running the General Chemical Quarry. My dad only went to school as far as grade 8 but he was the man in charge of 100 million dollar operation. He wasn't an engineer but very smart man.  That's why I'm so respect him so much.

My next blog I will further discuss Frank's life, marriage, children and later what takes place in his life. 



Cruisin Paul






  1. Like so many who move to another country for more opportunity, he sounds like a good man and a hard worker.

  2. Your father is not only a good worker but also a very capable and trusted man.

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    1. Thank you, my dad was a very interesting individual

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    1. Thank you Carol. Wait until you read more about him.

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    1. I can't wait either. LOL I hope you feeling much better Peg.


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