Sunday, September 2, 2018

Surprising Sunday

Good morning friends. I'm not sure that this will work out but I'll try it. 

Cruisin Paul


  1. Could not get here by clicking on the link, it tried to direct me to another website. Had to type into my browser, but it worked, hooray!

  2. It's working again Pauleo why didn't you let me know

    Its seems to be working fine again now it loaded normally hoorayyy.

    Welcome back heheh!

    Nice plants I like the colour and photo below :-)

    Have a bloomingtastic day :-)

    1. I didn't want to tell anybody because I wasn't sure how love it would stay. Hopefully it will stay for now.

    2. Totally weird I had looked it up before and it said you needed to delete some links, when I tested it the culprit was a redirect by widgetserver make sure if you add a gadget make sure it's a genuine one


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