Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Continue The Cruise

Good morning everyone. I keep saying the same statement. How's this.
Buongiorno amici. Today is an island that I went to for my first cruise and that is.....


St. Maarten was destroyed by a hurricane but today it has picked itself up and I'm happy to be here again.

This is the back part of our ship and after turning I had a nice lady take our photo, now that we were on St. Maarten

I'm just going to show the photos and I might place a comment here and there as we walk around.

I told Mary Lou just to stand near this character who was turning his penis out but as you see, she wanted to show me that she's still in control. Ha,ha,ha.
 What beautiful flower and yes, there are washrooms on the island of which I needed. Excuse me for a moment.

This cutout pointed out where to buy which we did. Something to drink and I bought a cowboy hat. 
While we were sitting down having a drink, my favorite travel agent and friend Nancy and her husband Edger passed by and sat with us for a few minutes. Soon they left us to walk around the area and the two of us were ready to go back on to the ship. Before we left Mary Lou needed to buy new  reading glasses. Last night going to dinner I placed her old ones in my pocket and as I sat down to dinner, I broke them in two. Here are her new ones and I really like them.

While back on the ship I took some photos of St. Maarten today.

Yes, I do hope to visit St. Maarten again in the future.

Tomorrow and Sunday are sea days. I'll have a final story about our cruise later. See ya then.

Cruisin Paul


  1. I enjoyed your photos Pauleo and so good that it has picked itself up from the horrendous hurricane.

    Your ship LQQKS huge I have never been on a cruise but your making up for that Pauleo Cornetto :-)

    Have a cruisetastic day :-)

    1. Yes St. Maarten has improved but still needs more assistance. My ship is big ( 3000 people ) but not the largest.

  2. I like the last picture the best. That privately owned boat is the ticket for us. We'll take that out and enjoy the water.

    I'm happy you both had such a great time.

    Have a fabulous day and week. 😎

  3. Yes I knew you would love that yacht. Mary Lou & I did enjoy our cruise. I've always enjoyed all of my cruises. Next year will be our 14th.

  4. Yes, Mary Lou's looks great in those glasses Paul!!
    I'm glad you're having a wonderful time.
    I am living vicariously

    1. Thanks Peg. Mary Lou wan't sure if she'd like them but now she loves them.

  5. St. Maarten looks beautiful, i hope you do get to go again.

  6. I haven't been to St Maarten in years. It's nice to see that they are back up and running. Were you one of 6 cruise ships in port?! Great pick on the reading glasses.

  7. Wonderful photos from your visit to St. Maarten. Looks like a nice place to tour. I think the new glasses looks good on Mary Lou.


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