Saturday, February 2, 2019

My Wonderrful Cruise

Good morning friends. I'm home after my cruise and it was great, well it was great until the ship left Fort Lauderdale. The night before we left I stayed at the Fairfield Inn, Romulus, Michigan. We've always stayed here before our flight but that night was awful. We had to get up at 3:30 am to have the shuttle take us to the airport. Unfortunately a group of people decided to have a loud party, with loud music and singing and drinking which went on until I got up at 3:30 and they were still partying. 
We arrived finally in Fort Lauderdale, found our luggage, took a taxi and finally to walking into the ship. But no, after having our pictures taken we were told that there were some glitches in the machines and therefore all of us would have to have our pictures again. You taken about over 3000 people. We had to wait for 2 1/2 hours until we were told we go into the ship.

All we wanted to do was to go to our stateroom and rest.

8237 was our stateroom and once we were in there, we really felt that we were ready for a good cruise but Mary Lou wanted to rest for a little.

While I was putting all my clothes away we had a knock on the door. It was our steward.

His name was Aki from the Philippines and he said if we wanted anything just let him know.


After resting, we went to the Oceanview Cafe where we would be going each morning and lunch and anytime you wanted something to drink or eat or even just to have some ice cream which we did doing each day.

Mary Lou and I usually had our  breakfasts & lunches outside on the back of the ship.

Everyday when we went to the elevator to take us some place, we would pass by this amazing scene, a gigantic tree in the middle of the ship between the elevators.

Since we had the first two days on the sea, it allowed us to go and see the ship again eve though this was our second time om the Reflection. 

Excuse our appearance because this was still the clothes we had when when we walked onto the ship. We will look better later on.

This was the 3rd deck where the Guest Relations and Shore Excursions took place.

One morning I decided to walk around and just take some photos. Here was the casino on the ship.

As I passed the casino I saw some very weird things just standing along the floor. What do you think about these?

There are many other photos, I took 175 photos but I not going to bore you with all 175, only the ones that will enjoy you about the cruise.

In a couple days, I will begin my excursions and one of them started and ended quickly in a storm. See ya then.

Cruisin Paul


  1. Crikey what a start I can understand how you were both knackered once you finally got on the ship.

    I enjoyed the tour so far you both LQQKED fine in your pics Pauleo I have shorts like yours LOL

    I have no idea what those were about in those last photos heheh!

    I will LQQK forward to your next installement Pauleo in the meantime have a nice weekend and thanks for letting me know you had posted :-)

    1. I'm so happy that you have enjoyed my cruise so far Steveo.

  2. You look like you are relaxing on vacation, just as you should look. It's an amazing floating city, and i hope you had a lot more great things than not so great happen over the course of it all.

    1. Mimi, I did relax but I wish I could back but I have to wait until next year. Oh well.

  3. So happy you are back safe and sound. Waiting to hear more!

  4. I hope you had a good cruise Lots of big things on that ship - a tree, a chair, the crowd waiting for their photos. I think those things outside the casino are . art. I'm not sure why they are eating a bat and a ball but then again, that's art.

  5. I'm so glad you both had a great time, but those that were having the party all night long were very rude. You both must have been exhausted. Then having to wait 2.5 hours to board the ship would have made me pretty cranky.

    Have a fabulous day, Paul. I'll await your next post. 😎

    1. I so glad that you were able to get into my blog Sandee. Believe it, we very cranky but once we were on board, all of that crankiness disappeared.

  6. Your state room looked lovely. I love all the photos so keep 'em coming. Well you returned and it's getting warmer so thanks Paul, it must be you who brought the better weather. :-)


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