Saturday, February 9, 2019

St. Lucia & St. Kitt

Good morning friends. The sun is shining out bright but it's very cold in Amherstburg.There are two islands that were on my cruise, St. Lucia & St. Kitt. These two island were my first island that were on my first cruise, 2007. 

St. Lucia

These are the three piers that cruise ships land. My first cruise the Carnival Legend landed on the Industrial Port but this time the Celebrity Reflection landed on Pointe Seraphine.

Mary Lou was leaving the ship with two friends from our group. They were going to on a another boat to see some whales, and other animals in the water and other things. Her friends were Bonnie
and Phylis
After they arrived back on the ship they informed me about a funny thing that occurred on the boat. 

The boat was really rocking and one moment Phylis fell over on to Mary Lou. These three just couldn't stop laughing about it. 
While they were having there fun I took some photos. I didn't go off the ship. Here's the photos.

The Costa Magica was on the Industrial port opposite us.

Here is St. Lucia

Good bye from St. Lucia.

St. Kitt

Our ship was on the left. people are now debarking off the ships.They are entering St. Kitt.

We had some time before our excursion so I took a  photo.

We were then put on to small buses to go to the train station.
It wasn't much of a station. It was out in the field but here is the St. Kitt's Scenic Railway.
Most of the people decided to go up top but we went inside.
They gave us treats while on the train and had singers going to each car.
We went around the island. You saw some poor homes and good homes 

We were near the ocean again meaning that we were near our ship. 
After this educational excursion, We had only one more island and then back towards Fort Lauderdale.
Tomorrow, St. Maarten, the island that was destroyed my Hurricane Maria. We were suppose to have an excursion but later we told that that excursion would no longer be available do to the hurricane. See you later.

Cruisin Paul


  1. I very much like St Maartan. Very french. Well on one side it is. I don't think I realized that they were also devastated by hurricane Maria as Puerto Rico was. That is so sad for all.

    1. Well they seem to have got everything back together. Did you get your computer back?

  2. An excursion train, how exciting, i always liked trains.

    1. I love train rides anywhere. I thought I would someday ride the train straight throw Canada.

  3. I must admit I do find it funny when I see someone fall over as long as it ain't me lmao :-)

    I enjoyed all your photos Pauleo I am loving your tour pics, I love the train :-)

    Have a lovelytastic Sunday guess what? It's raining here (nothing new there then) LOL

    1. I'm so happy that you are enjoying my cruise. I'm ready for next years cruise. I just have to wait for 11 months. Oh Hell.

  4. Beautiful place. What a wonderful time you had.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Paul. 😎

  5. I like the colourful building at St. Kitt! Good to know that you are enjoying your cruise.

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    I think you will have to click on this link to get to my new posts: and then scroll down to click on "newer post" or click "home". I hope this works.


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