Sunday, May 23, 2021

Good morning to those who wish to look into my blog.I'll be watching golf today. It's a major and as of now Phil Mickelson is leading. If he wins, he'll be the oldest golfer that wins this major. I hope he does. By the way, he's 50 years old.

This blog today is for my wife Mary Lou. She lived in the farm. So for all of those tremendous farmers, this for you.




Why are farmers always the best husbands?

They always produce the best seeds.

Why are farmers aggressive gamblers?

Because they raise the steaks.

I read that 73% of apple farmers are functionally illiterate

But it's okay, because they can still live fruitful lives.



It's farmers Wilma and Henry's 60th wedding anniversary and Henry would like to "do it" once again.

Like when they were young, beautiful and wild, in the farm yard, against the fence, under the caresses of the sun and the fresh breeze.

Wilma ponders a moment and then agrees and so they go, and begin, and quickly Wilma goes off like a rocket. They make love like crazy and when they're done, Henry, visibly satisfied, says :

\- My dearest Wilma, I hadn't believed that, at my old age, I would still be able to give you such intense sensations!

To which Wilma replies :
Me neither Henry, but remember, back then the fence wasn't yet electrified. !

A Family of Farmers Lived on Manitoba - Minnesota Border

Their farm sat right on the border, and for decades there had been ongoing dispute whether the main house of the farm sat on the U.S. or Canadian side. One day a letter came from the Government and the eldest son opened it.

"Mama," he said to his elderly mother, "The Government finally completed their survey on our land. They finally determined that this house is located on the U.S. side. Because of that, we are officially Americans."

"Good," replied the mother. "I am getting old, my body can no longer take those Canadian winters."


Cruisin Paul



  1. Yeah for your wife Paul! We need good farmers to keep us healthy - and I don't mean corporate farming! Would you use my updated graphic on your blog? I have a present for you at

    1. Thanks Carol. My father - in - law was a true farmer. Mary Lou told me that they didn't even have electricity , no lights when she was young so her life was tough when she grew up.

  2. Farmers are our heroes.

    Thanks for the laughs!

    1. I totally agree Mimi. They work so hard from early morning to dark late at night. They are heroes and so is Mary Lou.

  3. We are grateful to farmers for all their hard work. A nice tribute to farmers and to Mary Lou. Thanks for the farmers jokes.

    1. Farmers are the main stay in our world and many people forget about that. Not me.

  4. Nice post Pauleo I enjoyed that :-)

    Unfortunately our farmers here have been let down by our government since the brexit palava, I agree with Mimi too :-)

    Have a ploughtastic week Pauleo 👍

    1. People have to remember that to eat vegetable, and the rest, we need farmers. I'm so happy that you are here my friend.


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