Thursday, July 21, 2022

Cool In An AC House

Hi there everyone. It has been so very hot around here as well as the entire North America and thank goodness we have AC machines. Unfortunately my friend Steveo , England has never had an AC machine. I understand that older people have even died. I pray that hopefully they will get Air Conditioning in the future. Tomorrow my wife & I will be getting together with a cousin Dan Simone & his wife from Kingsville for lunch at Riccardo's and then back to my home. I'm really looking forward to seeing them.



I'm beginning a new book called 

" Heat Lightning " about a detective Virgil Flowers looking after two men were shot with two holes in their heads and a piece of lemon in their mouths. Working the murders because convinced that someone is keeping a list with many more names. Because if it's true, then this whole thing leads down a lot more trails than he thought it did - and every one of them is booby - trapped. Interesting isn't it.


That's how I felt yesterday and today and will probably be tomorrow.





Cruisin Paul

This a place in the Cayman Islands where I went. This is what it looked like.


  Not a place you'd want to land on.


  1. Living in Florida, I run the a/c almost 365 days of the year. Stay cool my friend!

  2. Well we almost outside just like in Florida but not Florida. I'm staying cool Carol.

  3. It is the same here. We need the a/c to sleep. The fan doesn't help. Even though it rained last night and this afternoon, it is still hot.

  4. That's the prob;em we have in the UK we just are not prepared for any extreme weather never have been, thankfully it's much cooler now but I do feel for those it affected badly through it all

    You never know Pauleo air con might get to be the norm here ...eventually lol

    Have a cooltastic week Pauleo 👍

    1. You know my friend, why wasn't the British Kingdom deal with air conditioning. Such a brilliant country without AC. I don't understand it. Well Steveo, try to cool down as best you can..


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