Sunday, September 1, 2019

September 1st, Sunday

Good evening friends. Well tomorrow is Labor day and after that the kiddies go back to school. I just think about it, I've retired from teaching now for 15 years. Oh my goodness.
This week my friend Ron & I are going golfing on Wednesday. This will be my third week in a row going golfing. It feels so good getting out on the course with my friends and hitting that little white ball. 


Little Billy is eating breakfast one morning and gets to thinking about things.
Mommy, mommy, why does dad have so few hairs on his head?" he asks his mother.
“He thinks a lot," replies his mother, pleased with herself for coming up with such a quick answer to Little Billy’s question.
Or she is until Billy thinks for a second and asks, “So why do you have so much hair?"

Bald Bill is invited to a costume party. He rushes to the costume shop. He tells the shop owner that he wants a costume that will hide both his bald head and his wooden leg. The store owner goes to the back of the store, and returns with a pirate costume. “This will cover your head with a bandanna, and your wooden leg will look just like part of your costume.”
“That’s not going to work,” said Bald Bill. “I asked for a costume that covers both my baldness and my wooden leg.”
The store owner apologizes, and returns to the back of the store. He returns a few minutes later, carrying a monk’s habit. “This long robe will cover your wooden leg, and your bald head will seem to be just part of the costume.”
Bald Bill is irate. “I said I wanted a costume that would cover both my baldness, and my wooden leg!”
The store owner apologizes again to Bald Bill, and returns to the back of the store. He returns with a jar of molasses and a hockey stick, which he hands to Bald Bill.
“What am I supposed to do with these?” Bald Bill asks.
The store owner replies, “Pour this molasses on your head, remove your wooden leg, and use the hockey stick for balance. You’ll almost look like a caramel apple.”

Bill going outside
Why did Bald Bill go outside ?
To get some fresh hair !

Bald Bill questions the barber
Bald Bill: Couldn’t you see I was going bald?
Barber: No, the shine from your head blinded me.

Bald Bill questions the barber again
Bald Bill: Why did you take off so much hair?
Barber: I didn’t, nature beat me to it.

Still more barber questions
Bald Bill: Why is my hairline receding?
Barber: It’s not. Your scalp is advancing.

Kelly and Shelly
Kelly: Have you noticed that Bald Bill is getting taller?
Shelly: No, why ?
Kelly: His head is sticking through his hair.


What do you call lice on a bald man's head?

                                     As you can see, I'm bald


                       "  SEE YA FRIENDS " 

Cruisin Paul
                            Port Canaveral


  1. We celebrate Labour Day on the 1st of May. Thanks for the hair jokes. My hubby is bald too! Lol!

    1. Your hubby must be a great guy because he's bald like me and I'm a great guy. LOL

  2. Hubby has a full head of hair. It's white, but it's a full head of hair. Loved all the jokes.

    I'm happy you're out playing golf again. That's a good thing.

    I've been retired for 15 years too.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Paul. ♪♫♪♫

    1. 15 years and I bet you've enjoyed every day. I've enjoyed retirement.

  3. Heeheehee! Bald is beautiful, celebrate it.

    Hope you are having a restful Labor Day!

    1. Yes, I'm enjoying labor day except I had to cook dinner. Doesn't that count as labor? LOL.

  4. Good to see your going golfing again glad your getting back in the swing....get it? back in the swing :-)

    LOL @ the jokes your like me Pauleo not bald but just have no hair...oh yeah that is bald isn't it heheh!

    Have a golftastic week Pauleo :-)


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