Saturday, June 20, 2020

Beautiful, Bright, Sunny Saturday

Good morning friends. Well we have had an offer regarding our house and now our realtor informs us to now send back our counter  offer. Hopefully they will  send back a new offer. Please pray for me. Our realtor also said that another person wants to come back and see the house again. I'm really worried now.


A bouquet of flowers

A man walks past a flower shop one day and thinks how he never buys flowers for his wife. So he steps in and orders a nice bouquet of flowers.

He comes home, rings the doorbell. His wife opens the door. He hands her the bouquet and she goes wild with excitement! She pulls him in, closes the door and tugs him directly into the bedroom...

In a flash she disrobes, throws herself on the bed, spreads her legs wide open and says:

"Darling! This is for the wonderful bouquet of flowers you bought me!"

The husband looks at her and replies: "Can't you just put them in a vase, like everyone else?"

A cardiac specialist died and at his funeral the coffin was placed in front of a huge mock up of a heart made up of flowers. When the pastor finished with the sermon and eulogy, and after everyone said their good-byes, the heart opened, the coffin rolled inside and the heart closed.

Just then one of the mourners burst into laughter.
The guy next to him asked: "Why are you laughing?"
"I was thinking about my own funeral" the man replied.
"What's so funny about that?"
  " I'm a gynecologist. "

A father names has 3 daughters named Petal, Flower, and Brick

Petal asks "dad, why was I named Petal?"
He says a petal fell from out of nowhere and landed on her forehead right after she was born so he named her Petal.

Flower asks "so, dad why was I named Flower?"
He says a flower fell from out of nowhere and landed on her forehead as well right after she was born so he named her Flower.

Finally Brick asks " daaaa ahhhhhh daaaa  ddd."
                      " Please Stay Healthy My Friends " 
 Cruisin Paul


  1. Good news for you. Offers on your house are a good sign that people are liking your house and how you presented it.

  2. That's great news must be a relief Pauleo I will keep everything crossed for you :-)

    I liked all the flowery jokes Pauleo they all blossomed :-)

    Have a safetastic Sunday 😷😷😷

    1. Steveo, you are the rose between two thorns or is it the other way? LOL See ya my good friend.

  3. Praying one of these offers pans out, and soon.

    Thanks for the laughs!

    1. The offer sounds great. We'll find out by Friday. Happy. Thanks Mimi.

  4. It is good sign that more people are coming to see your house. Hope you will get a good buyer. Thanks for the jokes.

    1. As I aid to Mimi, Happy times but we have to wait until Friday. Thanks Nancy.

  5. Oooh 2 offers - good for you. I hope you get what you need and want very soon!!

    1. Thanks Peg. All of you have helped me so much. Happy times.

  6. Hopefully things work out for you. maybe 2 offers will fight and drive up the price! question is do you already have a new place to go to or you selling to travel the world

    1. Yes Tim, we have built a new smaller home in town. It will make it easier for me walking. This new home has no stairs. Yippee.


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