Friday, October 9, 2020

Sunny Friday Morning

Good Friday morning everyone. This house is clearing out more than I thought. Each morning when I come down the stairs ( I won't have to do that with the new home ) the living room has less materials in it. My wife has done a wonderful job of selling. 

We went to see the new home the other night right after dinner and we shocked. The front door was left wide open and the back door was also opened. The new cabinets were in, all the bathroom materials were also in and those damn doors were wide open. Any one could have walked in, taken anything they wanted and destroyed material. We were angry and the builders were really told. The next day we checked the doors were closed and locked. Nobody seems to care anymore.


2020 Halloween Jokes for Adults

Q: Why did the monster go inside the bar?
A: For the boos.

Q: What do you call an annoying pumpkin who does stupid stuff?
A: A jack-ass-o-lantern.

Q: What health insurance do Halloween creatures use?
A: Medi-scare.

Q: What’s a skeleton’s favorite board game?
A: Tibial Pursuit.

Q: What happened to the cannibal who showed up late to Halloween dinner?
A: They gave him the cold shoulder.

Q: Why do we carve pumpkins at Halloween?
A: Because they have less blood and aren’t as messy as animals.

Q: What is the witch’s favorite crime show?
A: America’s Most Haunted.

Q: What do you call it when a vampire has a serious problem in his home?
A: It’s a Grave problem.

Q: Why do skeletons make good comedians?
A: They are two humerus.



Trip to Walmart

 It was mid-October and I was waiting for my wife, Julie, at the checkout at Walmart supermarket in 

Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, I noticed that someone had left behind their broom. When no one 

came to claim it, I went outside to search for a couple I remembered seeing at the cashier's desk. I 

spotted them getting into their truck and hurried over. 'Excuse me,' I said to the young woman, 'but did 

you by any chance leave your broom inside?' 'No,' she retorted quickly and with a smile, 'we came by 










Cruisin Paul



  1. When we had our boat in for a facelift they left the door open too and they were on the Christmas vacation for a week. A flat screen TV and all our stuff was below. We were not happy either.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Paul. 😎

    1. I don't understand why these workers don't respect peoples materials. It's so different then it was years ago.

  2. You must be getting close to moving in to your new home. How exciting. Have a wonderful weekend Paul

  3. Wow what a strange thing to do leaving the doors open was probably a mix up who was gonna shut and lock them when finished for the day.

    I liked all the funnies Pauleo especially you showing of your pumpkin at the front door LOL :shock:

    Apart from the mishap I hope all is going well as the big day gets closer :-)

    Have a safetastic day Pauleo and I will add you to my linky tomorrow evening (UK time) 😷😷😷

    1. Mishap. They had just put in the new cabinets and bathroom materials. Anyone could have come in to destroy them or take them. I was Angry Steveo.

  4. It sounds like the move is coming along well. Unfortunate about the doors but it sounds like your new neighbourhood is safe.

    1. I hope so. One good thing was my formal neighbor lives right across from my new home and he came over to close the doors. Love my neighbor.

  5. Let's hope the construction people are much more careful now. Once they know they are being watched, they generally are.

    1. Oh, and thanks for the funnies!

    2. Thanks Mimi. They will do better after my wife got into them

  6. The day to your moving to your new house is approaching fast. You must be feeling excited. Good thing the things in the new house are safe.

    1. Well Nancy, we are nervous but excited and worried of what will happen in the future. Once we're there I might relax.


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