Thursday, August 4, 2022

Finally Rain.

Well, after days of 90 to 100 degrees, we finally had rain. Last night as I sat out on my front deck watching the dark clouds move quickly, suddenly the wind blew up around me , thunder got louder and the  rain came down heavy. The grass that was turning yellow, said out loud, " Thank you Lord ".

Today the clouds are still here and it's suppose to rain once once again. I read the Amherstburg paper this morning and I'm getting very angry. Since the town elections are coming up in October, the Mayor & town council have voted to allow the new people to deal with the Duffy's area. They have been in for 8  full years dealing with Duffy's marina area and suddenly they want the new people to deal with it. Anger is how I feel a little but the most is disappointment I have with these people. They have been wasting our money for all these years. When I ask what's going, I told, everything is OK.If I wasn't this old I would run myself. 


A blonde was driving her car down an Iowa highway in August

As she drove down the road, she had her radio tuned to an all talk channel. The dj on the radio was telling blonde joke after blonde joke non stop, and finally the blonde woman got angry. She turned the radio off and tore the knob off the radio and threw it out the window. A few miles later she came across another blonde in the middle of a field in a boat rowing madly away, and the blonde driver slammed on her brakes, got out of her car and screamed " Its blondes like you that Give us a bad name, and if I could swim I'd come out there and give you the beating of your life!!"



9th August 2021: a blond American woman is at the Canadian immigration counter......

The immigration officer is puzzled for a minute and then the light comes on.

"Thank you ma'am for that view but it is vaxxed not waxed'

My wife and I just had a daughter and named her JuneJulyAugust.

We call her Summer for short.


Cruisin Paul




  1. glad you got some rain - hope you get more soon

    1. It's suppose to rain the next two days. We'll see. Thanks Carol.

  2. I'm so glad you got rain - droughts are horrible!

    1. It rained this morning and is suppose to rain this afternoon. Finally water.

  3. Hooray for the rain!

    When i saw this post, i read it and realized i read it before, and i thought i'd commented. On my blog, comments are going into spam and i'm having to fetch some out each day. Maybe that is happening to your blog as well. It seems to be a problem with many on blogger.

    Thanks for the funnies!

    1. So that is what is going on. How do I deal with it?

  4. Glad you had raun at last can you send some here we hav't had any for ages which is very unusual for the UK and hosepipe bans are about to start
    I liked the funnies heheh!

    Have a moisttastic week Pauleo 👍

    1. It was nice seeing the rain Steveo. But now it will wait for about 8 days for any more rain.


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