Saturday, February 5, 2022

I'm Tired Of Winter. Bring On SPRING.

Good morning friends, 11:56 am. I spent the earlier part of the morning making my chili. I like it very hot so I'll be the only person that will eat my chili. Of course I put kidney beans and chick pea beans which differently wouldn't have no one else but me that would eat it. Well no one else but my friend Ron. He loves my chili and I'll be getting some of my chili to him. Since we've  had a lot of snow & it's very cold, my hot chili is good on a cold day.

You know since we've had so much snow lately and I thought my wife would have to go out and shovel the snow since I can't, I was worried. But my wonderful neighbors came to help and they assisted us.Four different neighbors at four different times came and the helped us. I don't know whether to cry, sings or smile. These people are just our angels.


 I hate Spring cleaning

damn things bounce all over the place.

Get it, bounce all over the place. 


Blind Man

A blind man went to a restaurant. " Menu sir? " asked the owner. I'm blind. Jut bring me one of dirty forks. I will smell it and order. The confused owner got a fork. The blind man smelled the fork with deep breath. Yes, I will have the lamb with seasoned potaoes and spring vegetables.Two weeks  later the blind man returned. The owner wanting to see how good his sense of smell was, quickly went to the kitchen where his wife Sarah was cooking. He said, " do me a favor and rub this fork between your legs. " which she does. He then goes to the blind man and gives him the fork. The blind man take the fork & puts it to his nose and says, " Oh interesting, I never knew that Sarah worked here. "


How do trees feel in the Spring?

" Relieved " 


There were 4 henchmen: Winter, Summer, Spring & Autumn. 

The boss stood before them.

"Winter," he began. "I need you to stay cool in the face of pressure. Ice in your veins," he said, patting his shoulder.

"Then there's you, Summer," he continued. "If the heat becomes too much for Winter, use that hot temper of yours to make sure the cops remember who they're working for.

"As for you, Spring," he chuckled, "this operation is gonna bring in a lotta *green.* Make sure that it keeps growing."

He turned for the door as Autumn stood up.

"Boss!" he sputtered. "What about me?"

The boss turned back, shaking his head.

 " Sorry son. You're just the Fall guy. "





 Cruisin Paul


  1. Heeheehee! Here's to spring, stay warm, friend.

  2. I make my chili hot and spicy too. But no chick peas. Never heard of that! I think you should give your shoveling neighbors some chili!

  3. You are blessed with great neighbors - not just one great neighbor but 4!! Stay warm this week!

    1. Since I've lived here, all my neighbors & friends have been wonderful. They care.

  4. Hello Paul. You are really blessed with kind and helpful neighbours. I would love to taste your chili with kidney beans and chick peas. Thanks for the funnies. Stay warm.

    1. I'm not sure you would like my chili. It's really hot. LOL

  5. I love chilli but not extra extra hot I haven't made one for ages Ihope you enjoyed it 👍

    It's been cold here but no snow and now it's quite mild again

    It's nice when neighbours help out isn't it glad they helped you out must had been a relief Pauleo

    Have a mildertastic week (I have added you as usual Pauleo)

    1. Yes Steveo, it was a relief for us. I'm pretty sure you would enjoy my chili. You would enjoy the kidney beans for sure.


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