Friday, February 19, 2016

A Very Warmer Friday

Good morning friends. Mary Lou & I went for breakfast in the Blush Restaurant. Since we were now platinum. we were given an opportunity to have a drink in the dinner room. Ordinarily, we wouldn't do this but what the heck. Amazingly Mary Lou ordered a Bloody Mary and me a Pina what ever you call it with no alcohol. It was good. After breakfast we went down to the gangway to get off the ship to visit St. Maarten.

 It was a multitude of bodies here. There were 6 ships and many of them were the larger ones, The Allure of the Sea, The Regal Princess, of course ours, Carnival Breeze. If you were total the guests on this island you could say about 24000 people had landed on St' Maarten. 
Since we had bee here many times, we didn't take the water taxi this time. We just stayed near the ship and walked around. Even this area has changed. There are many other new buildings that have been built since I've been here and it wasn't that long ago.

                                               My goodness, this Allure is gigantic. 

 Even though it was sunny with blue skies with some billowing clouds, as you can see where were walked was  wet. All of a sudden and large black cloud emptied itself with a great deal of water. We were lucky because we were inside buying something. When we came out it had finished but there were many wet people but they were still smiling.

I took this photo that was on a wall and it sort of explaned the enjoyment of the islands.

Back on the ship  cruise director  Mike was preparing for the guests to watch a block of ice to be sculptured.

The cruise director informed us that the man who sculpturing the block of ice was taught in his country how to sculpture out of wood so ice was just the same idea.
                                                      The final piece of art work is

                                                   An American Indian Chief. They have to figure out another type of thing to sculpture. This is our 10th cruise and on every cruise one of the workers is sculpturing a block of ice and guess what? It's an American Indian Chief. Dah!

Later Mary Lou went to dinner with Mary Anne & Judy. I wasn't feeling very well and all I wanted was to watch my movie, " San Andreas ". Before we left I took my last photo of day. It was of the Regal Princess and the Allure of the Seas leaving St. Maarten. After them we left.

After the show I felt very sick and at 8:30 I went to sleep. Oh what about the towel animal. Here it is for the night.

 I think he wanted a drink of wine. Frogs don't drink .......... wine. Good night friends. See you tomorrow on our way to Miami and home. See ya.



  1. I'm glad you had a great time, but that's way too many ships in ports which means there are way too many people to enjoy much of anything.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺

  2. Way too many ppl for us. We do love St. Maarten and have stayed there many times, which is actually more fun than seeing it from the ship.

    Big hugs, honey...

  3. Wow! those huge ships are breathtaking looks like a great time (although it was a shame that you didn't feel well) those sculpterers are quite clever, beautiful photos Paul and loved the frog towel the best so far.

    It's been freezing here in London and of course grey LOL

    Have a croaktastic day :-)

  4. Another great set of photos. I can see why people like cruising.

  5. If you have to get sick, i guess it's best at the end of the trip. Thanks for sharing the beautiful places you get to see!

  6. Looks like a very crowded place with so many tourists from all those cruise ships.

  7. So sorry you got sick Paul. That stinks. Stink stink bottle of ink. Glad you're better now though.



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