Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cold Tuesday

We arrived at one of the wonderful places I enjoy, Grand Turk. We've been here 4 or 5 times and I hope to go back again. It's just a very restful place.
 The last time we were here,  I took a photo of Mary Lou with this Margaritaville parrott  but not this time. It's my turn.
The first place I went to was the the location to buy two photo books. I remembered the place two years ago where I bought two photo books. Later we sat done and rested by the large pool they have at Grand Turk.
 One of these years when I go back, I'm going to go into the pool. It's not deep, only about 3 to 4 feet.

                                                                           It has a bar in the pool
This where Mary Lou & I sat for around 2 hours. Nothing going on, just relaxing and watching the people.

Right next to us was this unusual thing. I think someone forgot their sandal.

After resting and watching so many lovely people, we decided to walk around the area and then finally go back to the ship.
This lady took a photo of Mary Lou & I in the chess board.
 I do play chess. I would have loved to play chess but Mary Lou didn't know how. 
 On our way back to the ship, I wanted to show you how many people were on Grand Turk at that moment. People at the pool, people on beach, people just walking around and of course people buying as much as they could.

 There were two cruise ships at the pier. On one side was the Carnival Breeze, my ship and on the other side was the Westerdam, Holland America. Three times we've been at Grand Turk together. Their guests are just like us except the guests are all lesbians. They are just like us, we all love cruising.

Back on board, Mary Lou & I decided to have lunch. Our choice for lunch was Guy's Burgers Joint.
 Boy were they delicious and they were with french fries, not a lot just enough to enjoy your lunch.

After we went and sat on the Ocean Plaza  where I had an iced cappachino coffee

Mary Lou and I had a dessert. It was a dessert that our wonderful friend Bee enjoys.Here it is.

                                                              RED VELVET CUPCAKES

Later we heard the ships horn warning the people on the island that the ship will be leaving Grand Turk in a half hour and sure enough, at 4:00 the ship began to leave the island. 

                                                                Good Bye Grand Turk !

We went to dinner with Mary Anne & Judy. Later Mary Lou went to see a show while I went to Lido Dive - In - Movie. If you want they give you popcorn, and blankets since it can be a little windy on deck. I did this three times on my cruise. I love shows.

Later my wife met me at the fifth deck where we sat outside the Ocean Plaza and listen to the music of the 80's Rock with the Crowd. After we went back to our cabin and once again Ari left us a cute animal.

   I think after such a wonderful day, sun, sand, pool, warm weather, good food, music and friends, you ready to go to sleep. Good night friends.



  1. I've been to those places on Grand Turk Paul. I don't think I have pictures though. I've sat by the pool and seen the huge parrot. I loved Grand Turk too.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. A wonderful photo tour you took us on again. I can't believe how big those ships are!!!!!

  3. We were just there over Christmas with all our kiddos. This is one of my most favorite ports. It is beautiful.

    Big hugs, honey...

  4. It's cold here too at the moment :-(

    I enjoyed your set of photos Paul and the parrot LOL, a nice picture of you both too :-)

    Have a tanfastic day Paul brrrrr :-)

  5. It looks like a wonderful place to visit!


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