Saturday, February 20, 2016

Good morning everyone. Only one more day left of the 2016 cruise. Sitting in my balcony even though I'm not feeling very well, I must realize I'm sitting here  where I enjoy the most. It's to bad that I can't cruise as much as I would like to. 
Lets make our final day a good one.
Here's Mary Lou enjoying her breakfast ( me also but I taking a photo in the Lido marketplace. )
After we decided walk around. I wanted to take a few more photos.

 This is where we spent more time during the day. Because we had wonderful weather, we wanted to spent the time here or on the Lido deck. The other places that we did walk around was the following.

 We are at the Sports Square where Mary Lou is playing pool and later we played golf.

                                            This the Tides Pool in the back of the pool

There's not much more to say of show. Overall, we've had a fairly decent cruise except for the sickness. 

  Showing this photo tells you that our cruise is coming to an end because we are on our was to Miami.

Our steward Ari has two more special towels to give us.


            The next morning we were up early, had breakfast, off the ship and on our bus to the 

                                                                  Miami International Airport


After sitting for a couple of hours our plane is ready for us to board and go to Detroit

 Our cruise is finished for another year. Oh by the way. Remember that every year Mary Lou & I have a picture taken on Elegant night and also remember that I had forgotten my jacket. Well, here is the photo of the two of us. She looks fantastic and me, well I wished I had remembered my jacket.

 Home sweet home and we're watching the football game eating pizza. Back to normal. 
Just to let you know, I have already arranged another cruise 2017. I called my travel agent Nancy right away as I got home and my next cruise is 

Itinerary:  8 Day Southern Caribbean Cruise 
                  Grand Turk
                  La Romana, Dominican Republic

Sailing:    Carnival Visita 28 / Jan./ 2017

The Vista is Carnival's newest ship. I'm looking forward to seeing this new ship. Why not join my wife & I   on this newest ship with a wonderful cruise. See you there.




  1. Hello Paul, welcome back from a wonderful cruise holiday. Your steward Ari is very good with the towel folding art. I like the crab towel. I have not been to any cruise yet, God willing I hope to go on one soon. Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. I'm sorry you were sick though. I hate that part. I remember being so sick on our Hawaii cruise. Horrible sick.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺

  3. Great photo of you and Mary Lou at the end. It's easy to see you never lack for things to do on a cruise ship. No wonder you love them. Their towel "art" fascinates me! I'm glad you included it in your photo tour.

  4. Those photos look so clear when clicked on, It's not nice feeling sick when on holiday, all the photos were good especially the one of both of you could call it your jacketless moment LOL. loved the towels again too so clever.

    Have a tanfastic Saturday :-)

  5. You are a beautiful couple, and i am so glad you are already thinking about next year!

  6. Great photo of you two, and another mostly good cruise has been duly recorded. Oh what fun.

    Big hugs, honey...


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