Monday, February 15, 2016

Snowy Monday


After breakfast. we find a beautiful place to sit down and just enjoy the the sun and warmth. I noticed that things have changed a bit involving with the cruise director. Before you rarely saw the man or woman except on stage but this time you could see the CD walking around the ship, stopping and speaking with the guests. It was a great thing to see.
 Here was the cruise director Mike just discussing whats going on, on the ship and hoping that everyone will have their best vacation ever. I had the chance to meet and speak to Mike twice which was amazing. Here is a photo of Mike again.

 Unfortunately Mike's blue shirt was beaten with the color of pink if you know what I mean. At this moment my wife kicked me. Oh well I wanted to show the fact that the cruise directors are out & about on the ships now.The entire day was just resting.

Tonight was Attire Cruise Elegant which means looking good and having a picture or two or three.
Mary Lou looked beautiful in her print outfit.
 Me, what a dummy, I forgot to put my dinner jacket in my luggage. I doubt it would help me anyways

 One thing I always enjoyed on the cruise is meeting new people and as usual we met two wonderful people at dinner.
                                  MaryAnne                                &                          Judy                                     were are dinner friends for the cruise. Unfortunately later MaryAnne was to get sick  first and then later  me and before the end of the cruise both Judy & Mary Lou were to be ill. 
One great thing that we enjoyed at dinner was the great people that treated us so well. Our head waiter was Romano. What a wonderful, positive & funny man. He was fantastic.

 Of course with any man, there has to be a more better lady that will help him and Romano had two fantastic ladies assisting him. 

                          Waiters:             Surya                   Romano            Juthamard Singsoog
Together, they made our cruise dinner one of the best. During the breakfast often we would see Romano & Juthamard. Yes, they work throughout the day only having a short break. Romano told us he would often have a sleep between work times. These people work very hard and were told they often send their money back home to their families.They often work at 6 months stints. How would you feel not seeing your family over 6 months? Even that, these wonderful people, smile, smile and amazingly they even remember your name. Heck, I often can't remember my often name

After dinner Mary Lou & I went around the different decks to have our photos taken. Every cruise we make sure to buy a beautiful cruise of ourselves. Later I'll show you which one we bought.

As usual, we were still tired after walking around the ship often and  stopping at the different places. Once again entering our cabin we saw a new towel friend,

Here is the person that would make these fantastic towels animals for us each night. Our steward Ari.

That's it for our first sea day. Next day an island and a place that I just, Grand Turk. See ya.


  1. We are now back from our RCI cruise. We also had great servers in the MDR. Our cabin steward was nice, but that was it. We had a fabulous time with our friends, which is why we went. Welcome home to all of us.

    Big hugs, honey...

  2. It's the sick part that I don't care for. We got through the first cruise fine, but the second cruise I was sick for several weeks. Never again. I'll cruise on our little boat, or fly over and be land locked for a week.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. Those towel animals they make on cruise ships are so cute. I like them better than pink bathing suits but, heck, to each his own. LOL

  4. Nice set of photos Paul I want a go on those tube slide things LOL well fancy forgetting your dinner jacket LOL..jokin

    I always like those towel animals heheh!

    Have a snowytastic day Paul :-)

  5. The people who work on those ships are amazing hard workers. A day resting at sea sounds lovely about now!


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