Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This is the port of Miami. You have the large Cruise ships and you have the many smaller ships. Good morning friends. There were many photos that I had on my cruise so I thought I would put some of them in my blog. By the way you'll notice my header has changed. I thought after 10 years, I would change the photo since I'm older now. How do you like the new one? I might be changing it often. We'll see.

            This is the large pool at Grand Turk. I just love siting there watching the people. maybe next year I'll even get into the pool since we are going back to Grand Turk.

    This is exactly what you will see when you get off the ship and walk the long pier to Grand Turk.

                                                    Walking down the many streets in St. Kitts.

     This a photo I took right from my balcony. Now my camera clicked twice and It showed this. It wasn't me but my camera.
                            Sorry about that but it just happened by accident. Oh ya.

                                                      What a beautiful day on the lido deck.

                                                  That's about it until my cruise next year. 




  1. I've traveled out to see from Miami. It's quite beautiful.

    I liked Grand Turk and St. Thomas the very best. The rest I could take or leave.

    Have a fabulous day Paul. ☺

  2. I like your new header. You had a beautiful and interesting day taking snapshots. Have a great day!

  3. The new header is nice but I liked the other one better. With the ship in the background it fit with your blog title.

    Wonderful photos! I'll bet they make for great memories when you see them.

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cruise photos. Love the new header too.

  5. Your header speaks to me of faraway travels, and i love that idea. Thank you for sharing your photos! Virtual travel is about all i do most of the time, so it's nice to read other people's adventures and see pictures.

  6. I like the new header Paul very apt the photos are lovely I bet you can't wait till your next one :-)

    I have noticed your last few posts have no title to click on so I had to tweet the main site instead of the actual post.

    Have a cruisetastic day Paul :-)


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