Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cruise Days 2 & 3

Good morning everyone. I woke up, looking out of my balcony window and saw just the ocean. No land but the ocean is very calm.I took my shower because it's difficult.  The shower is very small. What do you think?
Mary Lou & I had breakfast on the Lido deck at " Emile's Lido Buffet. Making sure that I don;t gain a great deal of weight I planned on having cereal and fruit most of the mornings. After we went and sat in blue chairs on the lido deck.

These are the blue seats overlooking the hot tubs which was always filled with people even drinking liquor early in the morning. How do they do it? On the sea days we would watch the cruise director's " Morning Show " with Craig & Katie.

 One morning I even called in to the show and spoke with Craig letting him know that we had met him on the Carnival Dream. He wanted to see the photo but I didn't have one to show but I can show you all that I wasn't lying. My Lovely friend Bee will remember it because we were all on the Dream at that time together.

                                                      Mary Lou & Craig on the Dream
  . At that time Craig was John Heald's assistant and today he is the cruise director of the Carnival Liberty and a very good one. He asked me a question and I was able to answer it correctly and thus he sent me a Ship on a Stick .
 Sunday night was Elegant Night. Before dinner Mary Lou & I had the opportunity of having a photo taken with Captain Leonaro Contarino.
 I also have a photo of cruise director Craig even though it wasn't with us.
We had no idea who the lady was but she was in the photo. After the meeting with the captain we went to dinner. Here we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with our new friends.
This is Rick & his wife Carol from Daytona, Florida but still live in Pennsylvania . Rick was a joy to have because he always had us in stitches. Now here is a photo of a wonderful husband & wife, US.
 What made our dinner even better was how the waiters treated us a Kings & Queens. They went overboard to make sure that we could enjoy a great cruise dinner. Here are the three men who made our dinner great each night.
                                Ferind                     Head waiter George                  Wayan

We even had George have a photo with Mary Lou. I think she enjoyed it to much. Ha,ha,ha. 

After dinner we went to the main show which Mary Lou enjoyed but I had to leave early because the bright shinning lights and flashing bulbs bothered me to much. These lights could cause seizures for me and I didn't want that so I left and sat and listened to a singer in the atrium, deck 3. Overall, we had a fantastic evening. 
Tomorrow we will arrive in Aruba and after that Bonaire ( Oh how wonderful )
See ya

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  1. How fun Paul. Looks like you were having the time of your life. all the crew work so hard to make sure you have a memorable cruise. Yes they do.

    Have a fabulous day. I'll see you tomorrow. ☺


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