Saturday, February 7, 2015

Final Sea Day & Grand Turk

One morning after I got out of bed, I checked out of my balcony and I was surprised to see two cruise ship, a Holland America Cruise ship and  a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship, the Liberty of the Sea. What amazed me was the fact that in a large ocean you could have two cruise along with an oil tanker. I guess the ocean isn't so large.

After breakfast we went to the Fun Shops to pick up some things. I always get a coffee cup of the ship and a baseball cap with the Liberty name on it. Not much was going on today. Just resting.
 Last night after the big show and the comedy show Mary Lou & I walked into our cabin to be shocked to see someone in our bed. 
 Sanjaya, our cabin steward usually makes a animal creation to leave on our bed with chocolates and the next days " Fun Times " but this time this was funny. Mary Lou's first comment was " Paul, where are you going to sleep tonight? " laughing at me. We got Sanjaya to come into the cabin 

 and he said that he thought we would enjoy this but he wouldn't do it to the guests next to us. I asked why and he said that they were in their 90's and he wasn't sure how they would react to it. 
Here are a few of Sanjaya's animals that we got each night
Tomorrow if Grand Turk. Thank goodness a port I really enjoy. See ya tomorrow.


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  1. I love the towel animals. What a clever thing to do though. Where did you sleep?

    I love Grand Turk too. Very much. The day we docked there it rained and rained and rained. We had an umbrella but most didn't. I didn't see a place selling umbrella's either. They would have made a lot of money.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺


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