Monday, August 17, 2015

Another Beautiful Monday

A very good morning to you all. The sun is out and it seems that Monday will have a sunny day but later early in the evening we are suppose to have a storm. Oh well. The golf was exciting with some unbelievable shot put out by all the golfers. Jason Day, the Aussie,  won the match and he deserved it.  Today, there isn't much going on. I might go sit by the river later on today.




A man has an enormous organ, which makes him speak at an uncontrollably loud volume. He goes to a doctor and says, "DOCTOR, CAN YOU HELP ME?"The doctor says, "Perhaps – the surgery would be risky, but I could swap it out for a normal one."The man agrees, and they proceed to the surgery room.
Hours later, as the man's anesthetic is wearing off, he looks up at the doctor and asks, "Did it work?""THE OPERATION WAS A SUCCESS," says the doctor.
Soon after, the nurse comes in to remind the man that the organ in question was his gall bladder, and that he should avoid rich foods for several days.

Little Johnny jokes
A teacher asks her students to give her a sentence with the word "fascinate" in it. A little girl says, "Walt Disney World is fascinating." The teacher says, "No, I said, fascinate." Another little girl says, "There's so much fascination when it comes to sea life." The teacher again says, "No, the word is fascinate." Little Johnny yells from the back of the room, "My mom has such big boobs that she can only fasten eight of the 10 buttons on her shirt."

 A guy was known among his friends to be very brief and to the point - he really never said too much.  One day, a saleswoman promoting a certain brand of brushes knocked his door and asked to see his wife, so the guy told her that she wasn't home.

" Well," the woman said, "could I please wait for her?"  The man nodded and directed her to the drawing room where he left her there for more than three hours.

After feeling really worried, she called out to him and asked," May I know where your wife is?"  " She went to the cemetery," he replied. "And when is she coming back?", she asked.

"I don't really know," he said. "She's been there eleven years now."



Past Cruise Photos

                                                                   Panama City, Panama

                                                           Leaving Panama going home.

                           My daughter AmyLynn along side Jimmy Johnson's NASCAR 48.


                   Guess what? I'm done for the day. Yippee! Have a very enjoyable Monday friends.

                                                                                 SEE YA. 


John Heald, Carnival Cruise Director, Cruisin Paul & my wife Mary Lou


  1. Hi Paul, its Monday again! Over here its a sunny Monday! Ha ha...sometimes I really do feel like the woman in the "coffee is a necessity on Monday"! Have a wonderful Monday.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the golf. It's good to do something you love to do.

    Loved all the jokes as always.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺

  3. The first photo had me laughing, Paul! Love all your photos and jokes. :)

  4. Ahh! what a lovely thought sitting by a river a quite one unlike the river Thames here heheh!

    LOL I feel so sorry for Bob laughed at the jokes

    And the fab pictures and of course your daughters photo

    Have a tanfastic day Paul :-)

  5. Deep, those plastic boobs will last forever...along with the sagging tattoos. Yuck!

    Big hugs from rainy Georgia, honey...


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