Thursday, August 27, 2015

Beautiful Thursday

Good morning everyone. It's warming up and it should warm up to about 75 today. That's fine with me. Today I'm having a coffee with my cousin Dan, I told him that we should dtay away from lunch for awhile since I've been gaining some weight so I have to get back to my original way of eating. I want to make sure that my clothes fit before I do on my cruise. Later in the day we are going to watch Emily ride her horse. I'll try to get some photos of her fancy riding. Is it me or the fact that I've hit 65. The last couple days have been very cool and my body has been extra cold. I was never like that before. Oh well, that's life.



Past Cruise Photos


        Well I'm trying to changes things around. Hopefully my blog will still be enjoyed by all.

                                                                            SEE YA. 


  1. Hi Paul, I hope you are having a good week so far. Here in Montreal the temperatures have dipped to more comfortable and less humid conditions, which makes me very happy. My favourite today is the dog with the flashlight! Hope your week's end and weekend go well! :)

  2. Well for the last few days it has cooled right down here and it's windy and raining...London is back to normal LOL

    Last time I rode a horse was in Spain years ago it went slightly mad and frightened the wits out of me heheh!

    That joke was funny kids can be so funny

    Nice view in the photo and LOL @ that gif.

    Have a fantabulosa afternoon :-)

  3. It was 98 here yesterday. Anything below 100 works for me in the summertime. Gets mighty hot here.

    Loved the joke. Kids rock.

    I hear you about not having lunch out. Eating out period is rough on a diet. It is for me at any rate.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ☺

  4. Hi Paul, dieting is tough and getting back into shape is really difficult for me because I enjoyed eating out with friends. Kids are really innocent in their own ways. Beautiful photo of mountain and sea.

  5. That girl, dog and flash light was hysterical. The beach joke was pretty funny, too.

  6. Stay op top of that weight situation! Fat always want so to stay with us. Bugger.

    Big hugs, honey...


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