Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Very Special Woman, My Wife

Saturday will be a very special day. It will be my wife's 70th birthday. Ordinarily you might say, " Are you crazy Paul, telling people your wife's age "? I might be crazy, crazy in love with a woman doesn't even look 70. She goes to an exercise class every day of the week and if she looks as good as she does, it wouldn't matter if she was any age. 

She came from Sarnia, October from a family of 9 children. She knew what she wanted to be, a teacher and after becoming that teacher she got first job in Windsor.

One day a parent came in to see a teacher and wanted to be sent to see a teacher. Mary Lou saw her and brought her to that teacher. The mother said thank you feeling Mary Lou was a student. She was embarrassed after knowing that Mary Lou was a teacher. She's always looked young.

Mary Lou & I met going to Octoberfest. After seeing her I said, " I have to see that 
woman " and I did. After spending some time I asked for a date and that began our life.
After some time I asked her to marry me and she said yes. She was going to a vacation to the Bahamas.  One lady got sick and had to get out of the vacation. Mary Lou asked me to go knowing that she would be staying with a friend because we weren't married yet. I thought that was fantastic so I went.

That is me sleeping on the plane. Yes you can laugh, everyone else did because of my jacket.

After 5 months Mary Lou & I were married.

That is me in my graduation photo. Of course Mary Lou stood out that day.

As our life went on, we had a baby and later she was pregnant but then that's when our life came a turn. I had that stroke but Mary Lou was strong for all of us, especially me. 
 She had our third child and our life was great.

 That is Mary Lou, me & our son Michael when we had a family get together

 My dad loved Mary Lou. He told me that he know that she was a good one and informed me to make sure never let her go. She was a keeper. Mary Lou loved dad and always told him when she had to say to him. That's what he meant, she was a keeper.

After dad died and when I retired from teaching I wanted to go on a vacation. She said If I want to go, you arrive it & I'll go with you. I knew what that meant, she knew that I wouldn't couldn't complain and  yes we went on our first cruise.
And yes, she did enjoy the cruise. Each year we went on another cruise and each time she looked even better.
I'm going to show many of Mary Lou on our cruise.

On the Carnival Vista, they had this ride called the Skyride. You had a bike ride in the air goung around the ship. Mary Lou enjoyed all the things to do on the ship and the Skyride the best. She is on the Skyride.

Whiling she rode she could look out in to ocean.

Last year on the Celebrity Reflection we both enjoyed the cruise.
You noticed that she's sitting down. Not because she's lazy, that's me, but because she was outside doing many different things that the ship allowed her to do. 

I asked her to stand near this gigantic drink so that I could take a photo. Mary Lou doesn't even drink, well maybe a little bit.I laughed at that.
I wanted to have that photo to show that we look pretty good and and show that this year we would be married for 44 years. Not bad for a 70 year old woman. 

Now you know why I wasn't afraid, well maybe a little of saying what her age. People tell her that she looks in the 50's and me, well they say I'm in my 70's and I'm 68 years old. 

                                " SEE YA "

Cruisin Paul

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Life Will Continue I Hope.

Good morning everyone or who are listening to this, I was thinking of stopping my blog for awhile do to a situation  but after reading some lovely comments from friendly bloggers, they have told me to continue my blog. I've learned a great things about this and after talking with my great friend Bee, she told me to make sure to write whatever you want within reason but stay away from Politics   and Religion. I will listen to her. So I'm back.

I've always wanted to do a blog about my dad but I never did so. So I thought to start my new blog I would write about my dad, Frank ( Francesco ) Pietrangelo.

My dad was born on October 13th 1923 in an small village in Roccamorice, Italy. He came to Canada as a child and lived in Quebec some time before he moved to Amherstburg, Ontario where he lived until his death.
My dad was a hard worker. He didn't have a a lot of education ( grade 8 ) but he had the smarts. I remember  when he in charge of the General Chemical Quarry but because he didn't have the education they brought in a so called engineer to set up the machines in quarry. Once they all were laid out my dad told him it wasn't going to work because after they explode the stone it have the stone explode inward and destroy all the machines. Of course the engineer laughed and said, I'm the engineer , I know what is going on not you. One morning all the big shots came from New York to watch all the new machines and the explosion. Boom, explosion and dust and after the dust disappeared guess what? All the machines were destroyed because of exploding stone. My dad was correct. After that they made him the big boss of the quarry. I as so proud because I was there viewing everything.
This is dad working at my first home after my stoke. I was home but couldn't do anything.
This dad when he went home to Roccamorice, Italy for his last visit,
Dad enjoyed life and was always at the Verdi Club of which he was president twice.
He was religious man. We were at church for my youngest daughter AmyLynn's first communion.
Dad had a place in Sarasota, Florida, right next to the Gulf of Mexico where he would take the entire family for a week. Dad was a generous man who loved his entire family.
He had many friends and they would going for a couple of weeks to the Dominican Republic.

 Here we took our parents for a surprise party for their 50th anniversary. There were many tears, even my dad who you never saw crying but the only time that people told me that he cried was when he saw me in my hospital bed after my stroke. They told me that that broke him down. This was the only he couldn't control anything.

But you know, dad was just dad. We all noticed that he was slowing down but he didn't say anything to us if he was feeling sick. Dad was the type that didn't want to go to see a doctor but this time he had to. After Christmas with the entire family there, he informed us that he had cancer. It knocked all out but he said not to worry about it but we knew what it meant.

Dad was dying and we knew it but couldn't control it. 
Dad passed away March 18th , 2000

I still miss him a great deal and I know that he's sitting in heaven saying to me, good job and I'm glad that you are cruisin, cruisin, cruisin. He enjoyed life


                                   " See ya "

Cruisin Paul

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Last week I made a blog that unfortunately hurt a few people, I considered friends. When I wrote that blog wasn't thinking at that moment but it affected some friends.

I am sorry!
I hurt you. I hurt myself by hurting you. I can't change the past and what I've done. But all I can say is that I won't do the same mistake I have done no matter what happens. I know my one mistake has changed everything. It has broken our relationship. 

I didn't write my blog to hurt but to enjoy. I guess that didn't work so I'm going to take some time off and decide if writing the blog is what I really want. Hopefully I'll be able to come back to my blog but if not............

Just thinking about those friends and how they hurt, makes me cry and it hurts me to have affected them. All I can say is, I'm sorry.

Cruisin Paul 


Monday, March 19, 2018

Spring Has Sprung.

Good Spring morning everyone. The sun is shining bright this morning introducing the the fact that Winter is gone and that Spring is here. In two weeks Easter will be here and the last day of March is my wife's birthday.
April 1st officially brings out my bumblebee.

                        Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.

She answered, " I just got a call from my sister saying her mom died too!""
                                                                  " See ya "

Cruisin Paul

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Cruising AS Compared TO Resorts Part 2

Good Thursday morning everyone. Today we will discuss the positive ideas of cruising after we discussed about resorts. 
I've found out that cruising isn't for everyone. While the guys were having our breakfast the waitress heard us talking about our vacations and she informed us that last week she was on a cruise and she'll never cruise again. She was sick every day because of the waves. I think it was because she was drinking to much but maybe it was the waves. On the other hand the lady who does my massage will only cruise and with her children. They just love everything about cruising.
OK, lets look at cruising. First the ship. They can be small ones or now the mega ships. You have to enjoy which one for yourself.
Here is an example of the new mega ships. The Allure of the Sea, Royal Caribbean.

This ship has over 6000 people and 2000 workers. It has a broadway show and ice skating in it. 
I started this ship first  because I know that I would never go to to this type of ship. It's not for me but I've talked with some people who just loved the ship. Here was a little maller ship yet still mega ship and that was Carnival Vista and I loved this one.
It was as they call, a fun ship.
and here is something that my wife enjoyed doing, bike riding in the sky.
As I said before, every ship has something for everyone.
Pools for everyone. You want to eat something. If you areen't careful you might gain a great deal as I did on my first cruise.
One thing that a cruiser knows and that is an opportunity to stop at different ports.
                           Cartagena, Colombia
                                     St. Kitts
                              San Juan, PR
                               St. Maarten
One great thing about cruising is enjoying the sea.

I could on and on about cruising because I love cruising but as I said because cruising is not for everyone but it is for me.

I think the main thing is just that you decide the  enjoyment for your vacation, you choose. Mine is cruising and I can't wait until January 18th, 2019 for my next cruise. See ya my friends.

Cruisin Paul