Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Golfing Wednesday

Yes, I'll be golfing today and Friday. Even though there won't be any snow on the ground, the temperature will be low. Today it will be in the low 50's but Friday will be bad, it will be in the very low 40's. Unless it warms up a little, this might be my last golf for the year especially since the golf course will be closed on December 1st. 

Well my wife and I have made a decision as far as the TV. After looking at all the ups & downs about different TV's we have decided to buy the  Samsung Curved UHDTV, 4K UHD, Smart LED TV, Ultra Slim curved screen, 960 clear motion rate , 65 inch with Curved Soundbar
 We have to also buy a table big enough for the TV. We checked out many different TV's and I wanted to get a 70 inch TV but the Samsung with the 4 K ( The screen was impeccable, so clear it was like I was inside the darn thing ) caught my eye and didn't lose it at all. I will cost a little but it will be worth it when I sit down and watch my shows and especially my football. 


Quote of the Day


Wednesday's Funnies

An Indian tracker is taking some pioneers through the plains in the mid-1800's. Suddenly he stops and points. "Bear have babies." He says.
One of the younger pioneers runs up and asks, "How'd you know that!?."
"I know these things," replied the Indian.
They continue their journey, and a little while later the Indian stops, points, and says, "deer tracks."
"How'd you know that!?" asks the young pioneer once again.
"I know these things."
After another hour of journeying, the Indian jumps of his horse and puts his ear to the ground. "Buffalo come."
"How'd you know that!?"
"Ear wet."


A little boy went to the store with his grandmother and on the way home, he was looking at the things she had purchased. He found a package of panty hose and began to sound out the words “QUEEN SIZE”.
He then turned to his grandmother and exclaimed, “Look Granny, YOU wear the same size as our bed!”

                                                                    "  Wild Granny "

Well It's time for me to get ready for my golfing match. I'll probably need more time to loosen up since it's cold outside. I'll let you know how I made out tomorrow.  Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends. See ya.


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  1. Thanks for the information on the television you're going to get. I'll see if I can find one here. Looks like a winner.

    Love all the jokes as always and especially the birth control pills.

    Have a fantastic day of golf my friend. ☺


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