Saturday, November 15, 2014

Very Cold Saturday

Good cold morning friends. Last night the temperature went down into the 20's and it's only November. I didn't have my blog done yesterday because I went down early to watch my daughter ride her horse. I was surprised, she did great. After we came home my wife & I went to town and pick up a couple things, one being a power surge bar. The guys that brought in my new TV mentioned that I would need a power surge bar to protect the TV in case an over surge of electrical power and if I didn't have one the power could fry my TV. I fry eggs but I don't want my new TV fried. Later that night my friends Al & Meilin came over to visit and of course Al & myself playing billiards. After they left I watched my two shows, " Grimm " & " Constantine ". They were both very different watching in my m=new TV. They are so clear. Talk about the TV, her is a couple pictures.

I wanted to include my wife since she said that it would be fine to get this new TV since the older one was dying. 
 I also wanted to show you that we did have snow. 


Quote of the Day


Saturday's Funnies

Sven and Olie died and went to Hell. After awhile, the Devil came by to see how his new guests were doing. To his amazement, he found Sven and Olie were still wearing their winter gear and seemed to be quite comfortable. The Devil asked why they weren't hot.
Olie replied, "We come from Minnesota where it's always cold. This is feeling pretty good to us." This upset the Devil, so he turned up the thermostat. Awhile later the Devil looked in again on Sven and Olie. To his surprise he found they were still wearing their winter gear. The Devil questioned them on it again. "You have to remember that we are from Minnesota and it's very, very cold there. This is feeling nice to us."
The Devil was even madder at this, so he turned the thermostat all the way up to maximum temperature. The Devil waited some time and then went back to Sven and Olie. This time he found they had only unzipped their coats, but still had all their winter clothes on. The Devil couldn't understand what was going on. The punishment down here was supposed to be the unbearable heat. It wasn't working on these two. He had to ask again what the deal was. Sven replied, "We are Minnesotans and we just got over a freezing winter. This is really great for Olie and Me.
A light flickered in the Devil's mind. He went to the thermostat and turned it off. He thought if the heat wasn't a punishment, maybe he'd give them some freezing temperatures. A little while later the Devil came back to check in on Sven and Olie only to find them cheering and giving each other high fives, happier than ever! The Devil questioned them on their actions and Sven said happily, "Back home they always said, the Vikings will win the Super Bowl when Hell freezes over!!!"

Blondes & Candles

Q: What does a blonde do when it gets cold?
A: She sits by a candle.
Q: What does she do when it gets really cold?
A: She lights it.

Blonde Confusion

Q: How do you confuse a blonde?
A: Tell her a blonde joke.


I can't wait until I get to watch my football games on my new TV. It will probably look like I'm right on the football field. Have a wonderful Saturday and as I always say..................................
See ya.



  1. wow that is SOME great tv paul! wow! i am impressed!

    smiles, bee

  2. That TV is huge. Your wife looks so small next to it. You do too, but she's shorter and it really makes her look small. Way to go. That's some great pictures.

    Love the joke. Yep, that's Minnesota alright.

    Have a fabulous day my friend and enjoy your new TV. :)


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